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7 Destinations to enjoy the classic and traditional cakes

classic and traditional cake

Who can say no to a piece of cake that looks absolutely delectable? Cakes happen to be one of the greater pleasures of life we tend to enjoy on an occasional basis. Be it festivals or events, nothing is complete without a cake. Some countries take this quite seriously and come up with traditional cakes that are considered musts for any event. Here are 7 such mouthwatering traditional cakes from around the world that need to feature in your list of ‘must eats’ for sure.

Galette des Rois, France

Image Source : Bp.BlogSpot

Also called as the King’s Cake, the Gaette des Rois is a traditional cake usually eaten after Christmas. The cake is made up of multiple layers of butter filled puff pastry that contain rich almond cream inside, and is topped with powdered sugar. When baked, the cake acquires a toasted look outside and a creamy inner filling that simply melts in your mouth.

Pastel de TrestLeches, Mexico

Image Source : Cdn2.NoRecipes

This traditional sponge cake from Mexico is made out of three layers constituting fresh milk, evaporated milk and condensed milk. Resembling a bread pudding in its consistency (wet and dense), the cake has a very sweet and yet, mild taste. In addition to Mexico, other countries where the Pastel de TrestLeches is famous include Panama, Costa Rica, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Revani, Turkey

Image Source : Bp.BlogSpot

Turkey, along with other countries in the region, is known more for their sweets made of honey, dried fruits and layered pastry. However, not many know that they are also famous for a traditional cake called Revani, which is typically a dry cake moistened into a smooth, tasty dish with the help of orange syrup or lemon. Simply delectable, you will be able to find Revani even in Greek cuisines considering the similarities both countries share.

Strudel, Germany

Image Source : JoePastry

This traditional cake in Germany could easily fill in as dessert for dinner. Made of high gluten flour, the cake takes the shape of a long roll and is filled with creamy fruit fillings, cherries and raisins. It is then topped with a choice of ice cream. Many households tend to use strudel as the main course itself by substituting the sweet fillings with sauerkraut and spinach instead.

Usually served in New Year’s Eve, the Mochi is a traditional cake in Japan that is made of rice paste. The classic version of the Mochi is substituted with other varieties containing soups, ice creams and other ingredients that can be found throughout the year instead. Don’t miss out on savoring these delicious cakes while you are in Japan.

Pavlova, New Zealand and Australia

Image Source : MarziPanMixTape

The traditional Pavlova consists of a crisp outer meringue cake that becomes more marshmallow like as you bite your way inwards. Named after the famous Russian dancer Anna Pavlova, the cake is cooked in different ways, but in most cases is garnished with several fruits like strawberries and kiwis while the addition of corn flour contributes to its crispy outer shell.

Whiskey Dundee, Scotland

Image Source : ILoveCooking.Ie

If you happen to visit Scotland, don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste a smoother, softer, moister and more flavorful version of the Christmas Fruit Cake. The Whiskey Dundee is a traditional Scottish cake is made of a much lighter crumb surface that is got by mixing a lot of Scotch malt whiskey to the cake dough (you can also use brandy or rum for the same). The cake is topped with an abundant amount of dried fruits like currants and raisins. However, if you wish to leave out these ingredients, you can opt for a more traditional variant that uses just almonds to provide a nice, crunchy layer at the top.


If you love anything and everything about cakes, then here are 7 such traditional cakes from around the world that you just need to dig into.

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