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Get yourself an amazing holiday trip at Chichilianne

Mont Aiguille Chichilianne

Chichilianne offers natural beauty, rich history and lively ambiance in one star studded package. Chichilianne is a small commune located in the Isere department of France.

About Chichilliane

Located in Southeastern France, about 50 kilometers from Grenoble, Chichilliane is a small town that sits right at the foot of the grand Mont Aiguille. Considered as the birthplace of mountaineering, the town has about 280 inhabitants who are extremely friendly to visitors and is a regular hotspot with trekkers and rock climbers.

Places to see

Flanked by the Rhone and Alps valleys, Chichilliane is known for its rich art and natural heritage. The town is surrounded by the majestic mountain landscapes of the Vercors, Treves, Chartreuse, Oisans and Belledonne mountains. It is also located quite close to three national parks, namely the Ecrins National Park, the Vercors Regional Nature Park and the Chartreuse Nature Park. A slew of lakes in and around the town offer myriad recreational activities for tourists as well. The mountains around the town act as the perfect hosts for mountaineering expeditions and skiing trips. If that is not all, innumerable towns and cities that boast of a rich heritage surround Chichillane.

The Town

Chichillane as a town is extremely picturesque in itself, and offers you a firsthand glimpse of rural architecture that was so prevalent in France in those days. The town is filled with buildings that reflect the same and has some pretty impressive historical monuments in the form of the Ruthieres Castle, the Romanesque Church and the Roman quarries.

Things to Do

There is a long list of activities to keep you busy in Chichillane once you are done exploring the town and its history. For starters, you can opt to go mountain climbing in Mount Aiguille, the first ever mountain to be climbed in 1492.

Caused by the erosion of several limestone cliffs, Mount Aiguille is said to have appeared out of nowhere. It is also said to resemble the gigantic rocks found in the Wild West movies and stands at a height of over 2087 meters above sea level. Surprisingly, the top of the mountain constitutes a large meadow, which is flat, and even enough to act as a landing strip for small planes.

Scaling the walls of this towering mountain can seem to be difficult for beginners. However, experienced climbers can make it to the top with ease and enjoy splendid views of Chichillane below as well as the surrounding regions.

Walking Trails

Chichillane also houses a number of beautiful walking trails that would take you past several of the region’s most breathtaking ecological and geological wonders. Two of the most popular trails include the Trail Charenches and the Trails Craftsmen of the Earth, which start from the hamlet of Richardiere and the hamlet of Ruthiere respectively.

Skiing Trails

The foot of Mont Aiguille and the Highlands of Vercors are home to some stunning Nordic ski trails that would fascinate you . If you fancy Nordic skiing, then Chichillane is where you can satisfy your hunger for the same.

Hamlet of Bernadiere

Close to the town is the Hamlet of Bernadiere, a small but impressive bike park which offers visitors the opportunity to ride through three different bike circuits with different levels of difficulty.

Other outdoor recreational activities in Chichillane

In addition to sightseeing and taking part in activities like mountain climbing, skiing and biking, there are other outdoor recreational activities you can take part in while visiting Chichillane. Some of these activities include bowling at the Lyon Bowling Ground and the field sports at the town’s playground.


Chichillane in France lets you get as close to nature, history and enjoyment as you possibly can, albeit in a secluded, peaceful setting.

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