The five best authentic restaurant’s in New York

New York City is a city that most people consider to be a just a small town.  For the New Yorkers, that phrase is very appropriate as they have managed to boil the multiple shopping centres and restaurants to just a handful that they find affordable and comfortable.  However, the avid tourist would be overwhelmed with the countless options that New York provides. Here are five best restaurant and shopping options that will get you feeling like home:

1. Century 21:
This phenomenal discount department store in the Financial District is sure to give you the most fantastic deals in the city!  You can get designer stuff from the likes of Narciso Rodrigues, Prada and Marc Jacobs at nearly 70% discount.  Make sure to hit the accessories section on the first floor and then proceed to the designer section upstairs.

2. 88 Palace:
If Chinese food is your favourite cuisine, the head straight for 88 Palace which transports you to China within minutes with its authentic and well-priced food.  For reaching 88 Palace, you need to take an escalator from the Chinese Shopping mall, as this restaurant is located on the first floor Here, you can get all the Chinese favourites right from the Hong Kong style dim sum to the steamed beef meatballs and tender pork spare ribs.

3. Peasant Wine Bar:
You would never be able to notice the Peasant Wine Bar as it is located underneath the restaurant Peasant.  It has a discounted menu and is the best place to enjoy a hearty meal of wood-fired pizzas, a filling meat plate and green salad.  The bread, olives and a carage of red wine is complimentary.  The pizzas are priced at $14.

4. Ina:
Ina is a one stop shop for both ladies and men with great discounts.  It offers high-end merchandise such as Manolo Blahniks that would cost you 60% less than the actual cost, as it has been used for a night!

5. Freemans:
The Freemans is located in an area with old tenement buildings and has a 19th century America theme.  This place is the best when you want good food and good drinks- with the brunch that is the highlight!


This sprawling city, New York, residing 8.5 million people, can be converted into a small town if you know about the best options available which are accessible no matter where you are located downtown, uptown or anywhere, literally!

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