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Top 5 Golfing destinations to recharge you instantly

Golfing destinations

Golfing unwinds and gives you shot of energy as you swing your club and hit the ball that goes flying into the distant horizon quite out of the reach of your visibility. This has a positive impact on your psyche that is flooded with a feeling of achievement as the muscles of your arms, torso and your waistline gets toned up with every swinging action.

Here come 5 amazing golfing destinations where you can look forward to some serious golfing loaded with a sense of immense relaxation:

1) Scotland, St Andrews:

Scotland is, in fact, the original birthplace of modern golfing. It is here this amazing game was conceived, and with hundreds of amazing golf courses and golfing resorts at your access the Scottish highlands are literally a golfing paradise. Golf bugs would at least seriously consider playing golf at least once in their lifetime in the famous Scottish golf clubs. Some of the famous golf courses are the Western Gails Golf club, Muirfield Golf Club, Newton Steward Golf Club, Gullano Golf Club, the Lock Ness Old course and many more. The golf courses are localized in the Highlands, South West and the South East regions.

2) Arizona:

Arizona has plenty of exquisite golf courses, and the country is practically dotted with golf clubs of varied character. The background landscapes against which the golf courses are set are breathtakingly beautiful. The rugged mountains and the golden desert, the stubborn cacti and the picturesque countryside blend in a wonderful milieu to give golfing in Arizona a unique dimension. The famous golf clubs like Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gold Canyon, Tuscon and many other world class golf courses are heavy crowd pullers.

3) Hawaii:

This awesome Pacific Island has the topmost density of golfing property spread across per acre available land, and most of them have collected appreciation from professional golfers. Some of the amazing Hawaiian golf courses are Ritz Carlton Kapalua Golf Resort, Maui, Kapalua Golf Resort, Maui, Hawaii discount golf vacation and Golf Cruise to Hawaii.

4) Florida:

Florida is a global golfing hotspot for its weather, and the unique environment pattern is awesomely conducive to the game of golf. The blue sky overhead never betrays gathering of black clouds from nowhere as a bright sunshine is a permanent phenomenon in the Florida sky. With the emerald green grass forming a perpetual carpet, golfers will not have a better ambience in the planet that would suit the game. Florida’s amazing golf courses rank the best in the world. They are always kept well groomed to championship standards, and some of the legendary golf courses like Bent Creek golf course, Cimarron country club and Deer Creek country club are localized in Jacksonville.

5) Colorado:

Although Colorado offers some awesome golfing experience, the climatic conditions of Colorado put a serious limitation to the game. Golfing season essentially requires long hours of sunshine extending over quite a number of months for keeping the golfing ambience in a cheerful mood and golfers in high spirits. But this is an unfortunate limitation here in Colorado otherwise everything else is perfect as it should be in a world class golf course. High up in the Colorado mountains, golfing is a lifetime experience with a sublime touch. As you swing your club and connect the ball it goes flying far into the horizon along a mountainous terrain and seems to vanish into some other dimension. The air is free from pollution and has a sweet fragrance. The environment is absolutely tranquil with occasional twittering of birds punctuated by the sharp ‘whack’ as the club hits the ball and sends it soaring. The famous golf courses are Keystone golf club and resorts, Rock resort golf trail, Vail and Raven golf club at three peaks, Colorado.

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