Top 5 Unique cruising vacations to keep you spellbound

Cruise vacations are ideal for a family outing and they are a lot different than terrestrial explorations. All you need to do is just stay in a luxury cruise and enjoy the amazing water world that makes up three fourth of our planet. To sail in the high seas amid turbulent water like the past century Vikings and yet rolling in modern day luxury of your exclusive cabin would give you an awesome feel like a Monarch on a deep sea voyage. Evidently, cruise vacations are an enchanting experience to preserve, and the sheer high- end comfort of the vacation is all set to spoil the child in you.

Here are 5 luxurious cruise vacations that can undisputedly beat any holiday trip on the land:

1) Getaway Cruise Vacations:

Getaway Cruise vacations takes you on a super luxury cruise spanning over a 3 to 5 days ocean trip to the Caribbean cutting through the waters along the West Coast up touching Houston, Ft Lauderdale or Los Angeles and back to the origin port of departure. The brief cruises are a lot better than typical hotel vacations you have on land. Cruise fare takes care of hearty meals served in style and choicest of drinks, a cozy accommodation for family including kids plus entertainment to keep you extremely happy that you have spent your dollars on a vacation well worth its splendor.

2) Silver sea world cruise:

Silver Whisper, the ship owned by Silver sea cruise brings alive the dreams of many passengers to have a mega cruise around the world across the Atlantic and Pacific and several other significant seas. The astounding voyage plan is to touch 50 sea ports in 30 different countries with their unique marvels and local tourism treasures. With the first grade arrangement for unrestricted fun and luxury, the cruise would cover French Polynesia, Borneo, Borobudur, east and western coasts of Africa, major Asian ports across Indian ocean, Australia, New Zealand and North America with the voyage taking off from New York port. The passengers are going to experience exotic and diverse cultures of the countries the ship is going to touch.

3) Norwegian Cruise line for European cruises:


Here you have the option of hitting either southern Mediterranean coast or the Northern European shores or both. The pleasure is boundless for certain as if a sea voyage planned in heaven. The ancient legacy of the Grecian culture now lying as ruined relics would fascinate you as would the stunning Roman architectural remains. Unique museums preserving the Medieval European culture and artwork would hold you mesmerized with intense pleasure of having the opportunity of witnessing these priceless artifacts and paintings. The cruise offers you three-course dining options and limitless buffets with action stations. Entertainment is at galore round the clock with outstanding stage shows and hilarious comedy shows. Besides, there are dance clubs, bars and lounges, piano bars and pulsating music to keep the passengers merry and engrossed.

4) Canada and New England Cruises:


The sea shores of Canada and New England offer you a spectacular view as you embark on a cruise along the coastline. The coastal strip is drenched in color and washed by the surf. You will be delighted to cruise past the iconic lighthouse at Peggy’s cove in Halifax and dock in the Gilded Age in Newport and then reach the Boston’s freedom trail. You may even hike along the Cadillac Mountain in the breathtaking Acadia National park. The cruise offers all modern luxury, hearty dinner and drinks at a reasonable price.

5) Australia and New Zealand Cruises:

This is the best North American cruise operating down under. They have a fleet of five great cruise ships sailing throughout the year. Adventures on sea are plenty and the cruise after covering the entire length of the continent visits New Zealand and other world heritage sites like the Great Barrier Reef. Experience of witnessing outboard surprises like Maori folk dances and local authentic cuisine is an added bonus.

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