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5 Much talked about travel destinations that have lost luster and their possible alternates


Much talked about travel destinations suffer shortcomings quite often. These overcrowded places lose charm very soon owing to shortage of tourist accommodation. The attractions that drive the tourists here is soon lost under practical difficulties of getting hotels and restaurants booked for lodging and grub. Taking advantage of the shortage of these basic services, a secondary group of intermediaries walk into the scene promising to provide a solution to your issues in exchange for a little extra money. Eventually, the extra money turns out to be a substantial amount and their promises are often fulfilled in a most careless and unethical manner living you cheated and exasperated. Disgusted with the place and the situation you promise never to make a second visit and look elsewhere for a better vacation.

Here we come up with 5 such destinations that have turned stale and try to provide you with possible alternate hubs instead:

Kruger National Park:

This internationally famous National Park in South Africa abounds with a variety of diverse fauna of which the elephants, rhinoceros, lions, leopards and cape buffaloes are the chief attractions the park, has lost its former popularity owing to heavy pressure of tourist visits. Traffic handling procedure by the park’s administrative body is not satisfactory. Soon enough, you will look for an alternative attraction to Kruger, and hopefully enough Addo Elephant Park near Port Elizabeth will fit the bill. This park is a wonderful mix of a variety of animals like lions, black rhino, leopards, spotted hyenas and about 550 wild elephants. Far less crammed, you will simply love to spend your vacation here.

Statue of Christ, the Redeemer, Brazil:

This tall imposing statue of Jesus Christ also known as Christo Redentor towering atop 700 meters Corcovado Mountain overlooking the city of Rio De Janeiro is more hyped as an astounding work of art cast in a mammoth frame than actually it deserves. A huge traffic of tourists keeps the place overcrowded. From a distance, the statue certainly looks awe-inspiring, but as you get nearer the charisma seems to gradually fade away. Here, you can opt for a cable car ride to the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain. This 400 meter high mountain will give you an amazing view of Rio and the famed statue of Christ standing high above the city.

The Pyramids, Egypt:

From what appears in the photos, these huge geometric structures look like an enigma standing erect with a background of eternal sands of Sahara. The entire scene is a perfect awe-inspiring portrayal of ancient Egypt.

On a second and more practical look, you will find the base of the pyramids have turned into a commercial vending hub selling fast food and mementos. Tourists are drawn in hordes making the place crowded with man and garbage. Touts are very active here ready to drain your wallet. Cairo Pyramids and Sphinx these days are no longer big attractions they used to be. If you are disillusioned, you may head for Dahshur which offers lesser tourist strain and lesser crowd.

Capri, Italy:

Capri is a Mediterranean Island off the main Italian coastline and is quite famous among holiday planners. The once pristine ambiance is marred by the densely crowded beaches and the menacing trend of commercialization. The charm is fading away fast, and tourists now look elsewhere for an alternate source of fun. For a better option, you need to sail across the Tyrrhenian Sea and land on the Aeolian Islands. This unspoiled island will have more happiness in store for you with its tranquil pebbled beaches, amazing trattorias and ancient churches.

Cozumel, Mexico:

This is a perfect example of an overused sea beach that sees an enormous wave of tourist crowd charged with vodka inspired pool parties with lots of noise and boisterous exhibits. The peaceful atmosphere that makes a beach popular is long gone. So the alternate option is to target Isla Mujeres where the air is much relaxed. With the crystal clear water on all sides, this is a wonderful island with modern fair priced accommodations.

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