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Best beach holiday destinations for thrill seekers!

Best beach holiday destinations for thrill seekers!

Almost everyone loves beaches! Thanks to beautiful sands, the perfect sunset, sparkling water and limitless sports opportunities, beaches offer ultimate relaxation and enjoyment. A perfect beach holiday is the one, which drains away all tiredness of the tourist with fresh mornings, sunny afternoons and beach parties. The golden sands and clear water with twittering ambience, classic luxury resorts and culinary delights is what makes beaches popular.

Some of such ideal beach holiday destinations include:

  1. Porto Da Barra, Salvador, Brazil: Idyllic sunrise, calm sunsets and inspiring aura of this enchanting beach, makes it a must visit. Located in the “City of the Holy Savior of the Bay of all Saints,” Salvador, this beach is famous for sports like underwater diving. This city also features breathtaking Portuguese forts of the 17th century and is the best place to observe the sea culture of indigenous country of Brazil.
  2.  Little Palm Island, Florida, USA:  Vacation in Florida is bliss for all sea lovers because of its ultimate luxury. Situated off the coast of the ravishing Florida Island, this beach welcomes its visitors with Victorian-styled bungalows and resorts. These bungalows have calm atmosphere without any modern distractions like phone or internet. They provide special treatment on checking in, like a glass of tropical punch and garlands. Their cottage doors are also branded with guests name and the food is contemporary South Pacific Cuisine.
  3. Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue, Seychelles: Stunning coastline, glittering sands and sparkling shallow blue water with dazzling sky defines the exceptional beauty of this place. High cliffs here offer ideal spots for sunbath and bungee jumping. Foaming water reaching to the sands leaves behind shells and some lightweight corals which are used to make romantic necklaces.
  4. Fraser Island, Australia: Continent of sand, Australia has a number of wonderful beaches but Fraser Island’s experience beats them all. Turquoise waters surrounding Fraser Islands are crystal clear, thus this place is rightly called the Fantasy Fraser. Its coastal beauty stretches up to 123 kilometers and is home to 1,000 year old rain forest indigenous to native Australia.
  5. Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii: Hawaii is the ultimate party place when it comes to beaches and sea food. This Hawaiian royalty has breathtaking shoreline and grand resorts. World famous Hawaiian dance and extreme water spots are the reason Waikiki beach is the most adored beach in Hawaii.
  6. Kendwa Beach, Zanzibar: Splashing waters of the Indian Ocean on the coast of the African sub continent is ideal spot for relaxing sunsets and exceptional sea food. This beach has fabulous beers, local cocktails and freshly prepared meals. The Guardian has ranked this stunning Island as the top beach in Africa.
  7. Porthcurno, South Cornwall, UK: While vacationing in UK one might stumble upon Porthcourno beach and not even believe that it’s in England. Moreover, Britain does have some rosiest beaches with countryside views and bright blue sky. The suns bask perfectly paired with the serene atmosphere transports one to a different place.

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