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Do’s and don’ts for a memorable trip to Croatia

Do’s and don’ts for a memorable trip to Croatia

With beautiful beaches, stunning countryside and breathtaking landscapes, Croatia is one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in Europe. The country has a variety of sites and things to lure travelers of all types. Croatia has established itself for its hospitality, its landscapes, it museums, galleries and architecture along with excellent food and culture. Its broad coastlines and national parks make it popular among tourists. With its sparkling and enchanting cities, the country has been quite successful in luring travelers from all over the world.

As it’s with most foreign places you’ve visited for the very first time, you might not know certain facts, mannerisms and local rules and regulations of Croatia. Here are some simple tips that a traveler must follow to ensure that the trip is safer, more memorable and well planned. Following is a list of simple do’s and don’ts that can help you make your Croatian experience better!


1.     Research for best accommodation

Staying in a hotel is quite a handy option in Croatia, but hotels are not only very expensive, but they are impersonal as well. So, if you are looking for some amicable time with localites, then better opt for apartments. Apartments have kitchens, satellite television, Internet and well-furnished rooms. Moreover, they allow you to interact with others. So, research on varied options and choose the one that suits your needs.

  • 2.     Carry right gear

It is necessary to bring hats and sunscreen. Since most of the sand beaches have pebbles and sometimes even sharp rocks, therefore, bring some reef shoes. Yes, they are not really fashionable; however, if you want to skip on water happily rather than wincing and mincing your teeth to avoid pricks and bruises, then bring those shoes. Similarly, get beach towels and snorkel gear if you don’t wish to buy them at higher prices.

  • 3.     Carry cash

Not all the stores in Croatia accept cards. Moreover, you just might not find credit or debit card machines everywhere. So, be smart and carry cash.

  • 4.    Enjoy local delicacies

When you are traveling to Croatia, don’t forget to try local delicacies. Items, from grilled meats to fresh seafood, are served in almost all the restaurants. You can try ‘cafes’ for hot coffee with cream or takeaway shops.


5.     Expect too much

Don’t expect too much in terms of service – not because the hotel staff aren’t friendly, but because most of them know little English. It only creates language barrier and doesn’t resolve your queries as such. So, don’t expect a lot. Moreover, Croatians don’t exchange usual pleasantries.

6.     Island Hop

If you think that you can hop to another island after visiting one, then prefer not to try that. Ferries here don’t run from one island to another with any regularity. So, you might just be stranded on one island if you try island hop in your own ways. Jardolinija runs most ferry services in the country.

7.     Visiting in August

Avoid visiting in August because this is the on-season in the country. The crowd is more, there is more bustling in the streets, its stinking hot and everything is costly!

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