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US destinations are quite senior friendly and there are wide choices that come at a reasonable price and are easily accessible as well. These destinations are exclusive offering wonderful activities and exposures as if cut out for the aged. Let us explore some of the best US locations that can be the senior tourists’ ideal getaway:

1) Las Vegas, Nevada:

Although it sounds that trying your luck in casinos would burn a big bad hole in your wallet, Vegas is surprisingly budget friendly for senior travelers. The hotels are imposing and the decor is a genuine feast to your eyes. At the same time, you would get the best rates and can have a deal on your food price and settle at a fairly reasonable rate. One activity which is very popular, enthralling and doesn’t cost a dime is crowd watching. It is simply a sensational and novel experience to just sit and watch people engaged in countless activities and the myriad ways they react to the environment. Restaurants are reasonably priced and the budget minded older generation of tourists would appreciate their decision to opt Vegas as travel destination. Sight and sounds of the strip is an absorbing activity that would be cherished by senior travelers and would not cost a penny.

2) Branson, Missouri:

This perpetually accepted location has a well- connected network of roads leading to attractions like shopping, golfing, museum visits and popular shows in legendary theatres. Vacationing in Branson would be a brilliant exposure for the senior tourist. It would be well within their budget too. Branson has the maximum number of theatres than any place in the world. There is a range of shows to choose from like dinner shows, comedy clubs, magic shows and concerts.

3) Washington DC:


A first rate vacationing tourist centre for senior travelers and well within budget is Washington DC located in the heart of the US. This is a very popular old age traveler’s haunt. Entry to the famous memorials, monuments and apex museums are free of cost. Senior tourists would immensely relish the priceless treasures contained in these historical landmarks. The high tech infrastructure is tourist friendly with a great public transportation network, which is affordable and easy. Nice eateries with good food on the menu are scattered all over the Columbia district and they all come at affordable prices. Among popular tourist attractions the US Capitol, national mall and Smithsonian institution museum are of worldwide fame.

4) Baltimore, Mary Land:

Baltimore, Mary land is a senior-friendly destination with a splendid harbor, museums, malls, eateries and historic ships on a grand display. Baltimore’s national aquarium is world famous and perhaps the best aquarium in the US. Among Baltimore’s many attractions, ancient sites and chick restaurants have made it the top destination of its kind catering to the needs of senior travelers.

5) New Orleans, Louisiana:


New Orleans is famous for its traditional French culture and lip smacking cuisine. Chewing Beignets, a deep fried raised yeast and sugar coated French doughnut are very popular strolling along the streets. The World War II Museum is an important attraction and senior tourists would find this very tempting. Other budget friendly vacationing options would be simply taking leisurely walk water along the streets or just drenching in the mellow rays of the New Orleans sun.

6) Orlando, Florida:

Orlando is famous for the state -of-the- art theme parks. Aged tourists would no doubt enjoy these. Other attractions would include dolphin shows, golfing or simply strolling across the beautifully landscaped gardens. Senior tourists would also be attracted by the Disney World, Universal studios and the Sea World. The only thing is that they may have to work their way through an ocean of kids frolicking in fun.

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