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Top five snorkeling destinations for a thrilling vacation

Top five snorkeling destinations for a thrilling vacation

The joy of snorkeling has its unique charm. The tourist has a splendid opportunity of viewing underwater flora and fauna with the snorkeling gear on. It is rather easy and doesn’t require the special effort and training as is needed in scuba diving. Here, an attempt is made to portray 5 best locations for snorkeling where you can take an amazing trip deep through the enigmatic blue, and explore the hidden paradise come alive with exotic life forms gliding by in all their majestic glory.


(1) Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas:

The world’s deepest snorkeling experience could be had in Dean’s Blue Hole. The beach sand is a dazzling white sheet, and the marine gradient is steep enough to a depth of over 550 feet just a couple of paddles away from the shore line. The underwater marine flora and fauna offers an incredible mix. On a breezy snorkeling trip, the going is effortless and safe as you dunk near the reef close to the opening leading to a tiny bay. The underwater ecstasy is unmatched and crowded with an awesome marine life comprising of jacks, turtles, tarpons and sporadic visits by Dolphins. Cozy resorts and fabulous cottages offer a wonderful stay.


(2)Buck Island, St Croix:

This is a stunning snorkeling destination, but you need to watch out for the rough water as they may turn rebellious on a gusty day. The famous Turtle Beach located on the Buck Islands’ western fringe suggests a gorgeous snorkeling destination. It is the snorkeler’s dream paradise. A nap on a hammock in palm groves wedged in between sapphire waters and the dense greenery would be an experience of life time. There exists a submarine track for effortless stalking of tropical fish and juvenile Elkhorn corals. If you wish to sharpen your aquatic and snorkeling proficiency, certified instructors are around who are smart, efficient and would make an effective coach. There is an exquisite marine park where 3 species of turtles come up for nesting. This wonderful snorkeling destination is open to tourists throughout the year. Summer days are however less crowded.


3) Crystal River, Florida:


This snorkeling destination is a home to West Indian Manatees. These aquatic animals are fascinating and placid .They abound in estuaries and springs and will mesmerize you once you get underwater and snorkel close to their flipper shaking distance. The instructors happily would guide you through manatee mannerisms such that the man- animal contact falls out into a brilliant experience. However, the tourist needs to be careful to be gentle towards the manatee only if the animals start reacting friendly gesture on its own. To enjoy a prolonged meet for around ten minutes, the tourist needs to stay cool and minimize kicking up underwater turbulence. Manatees are very social, and the tourist may enjoy close body contacts and friendly hug with a little encouragement. This is an all season snorkeling destination with Manatee count rising during the winter.


(4)Rock house, Negril, Jamaica:


This snorkeling paradise on earth may be visited anytime during the year and the waters are peaceful and safe. Rock house resort is tranquil located far from the din of Montego Bay nestled on the rugged shoreline of Negril. The sea water practically touches the Bungalow bases and flows in a leisurely pace touching the foot of the cliffs. The place is homely and snorkeling in this locale gives you a familiar feel as if you have dived into your private pool surrounded on all sides with wonderful marine life usually confined to offshore reefs. The grottos are completely charged with extreme delight. Select your bungalow adjacent to an eatery, and you get an easy way in to snorkeling. Snake eels do not pose any threat, and large schools of silver sides glide past you with all elegance taking your breath away. This is a magical getaway and may be visited all round the year.


(5)Pigeon Cay, Honduras:

This place is an unusual snorkeling site. Just a 45 minutes boat ride off Roatan, this island of Pigeon Cay looks like a painted scenery and is deserted. The composed sea waters washed against the beaches and twittering birds amid bush gives you a homely kind of feel. The sandy beach bent in a giant arch is tempting for you to have a long walk when the water level retreats. There is a lovely Honduran fishing settlement called Oak Ridge accessible by a boat ride. Juvenile reef fish and fantastic Elkhorn corals offer a great snorkeling view in the glimmering water. This spot is open throughout the year.

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