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Top Five Wedding Destinations in the world

Top Five Wedding Destinations in the world

The wedding destinations no doubt should have a special charm appealing enough to the couple and guests from either side. The bride and groom’s family and invitees should get all the gratifications they are looking for. The setting must be romantic, and the infrastructure attractive enough to take care of a wedding ceremony which is supposed to be the first institutional tie between husband and wife before they start a new life of unification and bliss. Here are some of the choicest destinations appropriate for organizing a wedding ceremony.


 Grand Hotel, Florence, Italy:


This is an old palace remodeled and eventually converted into an exclusive hotel. An enormous 18th century piece of architecture, this hotel is located in the centre of Florence by the river Arno flowing by. The ball room is a high voltage sensation, and the exclusive atmosphere and high end arrangements make this palace turned hotel a classic entity of luxurious setting for a perfect wedding reception.


New Zealand:


The unique features of Kiwi wedding hotspots are its amazing mountain top locales romantic and picturesque enough for tying the knot. The tourist can have access to the awesome wedding destinations by a helicopter. The flight up is an extraordinary rather a little out of the way length of airborne trip and an aerial view of lakes, valleys and amazing landscapes gives a blend of romantic feel and nail biting thrill. If your fancy takes wings and you desire to have your wedding ceremony organized atop a glacier, New Zealand wedding services is available with all its resources to convert your dream. For that matter, you may entrust New Zealand’s wedding service to organize the show for you within the confines of a sprawling rustic cathedral.


Le Chateau d’ Esclimont, France:


Just 50 minutes affair from the heartland of Paris, this fascinating estate is truly an ideal wedding destination. It is a fancy fairyland where you have your wedding ritual and the accompanying banquet organized in style! Not very far from Versailles, this French Chateau is built by a picturesque lake and its vast 150 acre estate has all fascinating arrangements enabling guests to engage in a range of outdoor activities like horse riding, fishing, hiking and uncoiling.


Mauritius, Indian Ocean:

Mauritius has become dream wedding destination for eminent guests including the British Royal family, famous athletes, sports personalities and movie stars. Located in waters of Indian Ocean, and roughly 500 miles off the eastern coast of Madagascar, this enchanting Island is a beautiful wedding destination. There is a touch of a mix of Afro – Asian vibes in the local culture which arrests the tourist’s attention. The atmosphere is serene. You can enjoy a perfect blend of wonderful beach inspired wedding reception and an exciting honeymoon with a touch of African Safari. Five Star resorts abound and the spacious villas are just equally gorgeous.


Goa, India:


Goa in India is a wedding guests’ paradise. Wedding reception and the accompanying ceremony and dining can be done either through arrangements made by a wedding planner or through a luxury hotel. This is a place where the sun, the surf and the sand will take your breath away in an amazing combination of romanticism that lifts the spirit and makes this place a magnificent wedding destination. The exquisite beaches for a perfect setting are Palolem, Leela, Varca, Betul, Baga and Calangute to name only a few. However, beach weddings require prior approval. Leave the job to wedding planner and rest assured they will see through the administrative formalities.

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