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Ecotourism Vs Sustainable Tourism

What is Diffrence between Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism?

Ecotourism and Sustainable tourism are different in nature. Sustainable tourism is not limited to traveling to ecological areas, but it aims to reduce negative impact of human activity in a holistic way, in urban, rural, and wilderness areas.

Sustainable tourism can be establishing after confronting issues like economic viability, environmental sustainability and socio-cultural sensitivity at the place of natural resources and cultural significance.

Sustainable tourism understands the needs of the present for all species including humans and how current human actions will be reduced which shows negatives impact on environment in the long run.

Ecotourism on the other hand emphasizes conserving nature and improving the lives of local people in rural and wilderness areas. Whale watch, volcano eruption watching are the example of ecotourism activities.

Eco-tourism is a kind of tourism like sports, health, beach, cultural and adventure tourism whereas sustainable tourism concept is applied to all form of tourism. If the idea of sustainability is applied in ecotourism them it becomes sustainable tourism and it can be applied to all tourism that believes in sustainable growth in long run.

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