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Visiting the scenic volcanic mountain peaks in Philippines – A nature lover’s treat

Visiting the scenic volcanic mountain peaks in Philippines - A nature lover’s treat

The beautiful country of Philippines has been a tourist destination for a long time. It is also an abode for numerous volcanoes, which are active as well as inactive. Thousands of tourists flock to Philippines in order to look at these volcanic eruptions. While many of these are still active and have chances of being active in the near future, others have seemingly ceased in erupting volcanic activity.

Mayon Volcano


The most high profile and attractive volcanic spot in Philippines is the Mayon Volcano. It has gained popularity owing to its almost perfect conical structure. The Mayon Volcano has a strategic location wherein it is located in the Pacific ring of fire. As a number of volcanic eruptions have occurred in the past few years, the number of tourists visiting to see the giant volcano has increased manifold. The estimated number of tourists has increased ten times, ever since the recent volcanic eruptions.

Mount Arayat

Next on the list is an inactive volcano, named Mount Arayat. It is located on the Luzon Island. There has been no record of any eruption for quite a long time now, making it one of the safest hiking destinations for tourists. To reach the peak of the mountain, it generally takes four to five hours of hiking. Mount Arayat also carries great significance amongst the locals and is held in high regard traditionally.

Taal Volcano

Also situated on the Luzon Island is an active volcano, named Taal volcano. It comes second on the list of being most active, behind that of the Mayon Volcano. Its height from the sea level is also very diminutive as compared to other volcanic peaks, as it ranks at 311 metres in elevation. The eruptions from the Taal Volcano has given rise to a Volcano Island on the Taal Lake. Owing to its beautiful geographic positioning, Taal Volcano has obtained the distinction of presenting a beautiful view. The wonderful sight is enhanced further due to the presence of a majestic crater lake within the periphery of the crater, which was formed owing to the volcanic eruptions.

Mount Apo

Mount Apo is also one of the most popular, inactive volcanic peaks in Philippines. Known for being a popular tourist spot, it has been hiked often by visitors. It is located on the island of Mindanao and is graced by the presence of a volcanic crater lake. Owing to its rich habitat of diverse plant and animal species, it was conferred with the title of a UNESCO heritage site. Attractive and serene ecosystem, coupled with a beautiful terrain for hiking, it continues to grow as one of the most important tourist spots in the country.

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