Ten countries that travelers love exploring time and again!

Whether you are a travelling enthusiast or a family style vacationer, here is a list of countries that you should consider making your next travel destination! The list compiles ten countries which have been visited the most, have seen the highest number of tourists over the years. It starts with France, which is virtually the tourism capital of the world, followed by US and China. Check it out!

1.     France

Do we need to tell why it tops the list? Well, whether you are a nature lover, a romantic soul, an artist, a simple traveler or an epicurean, France has everything to lure you. It is arguably the most perfect tourist destination with exceptional wine, delectable delicacies, breathtaking monuments and museums!

2.     United States of America

With amazing places to explore, USA ranks second on our list. The country has national parks like Yellowstone to lure wildlife lovers, along with Grand Canyon, LA’s bars and nightclubs, New York’s museums and galleries, high end shopping districts, LA’s beaches and innumerable eateries.

  • 3.     China

With its ancient civilizations, rich culture and edifices, China ranks third on the list. Visit Hong Kong to get the taste of metropolis or The Great Wall of China to see the past recalling modern tourists. Try some adventure sports or get to know your spiritual side at Buddhist temples.

4.     Spain

Spain has always been one of the most visited destinations for tourists from around the world. The country has everything – gastronomy for foodies, matadors, culture, nature, and of course, a number of festivals, adventure sports and breathtaking sceneries.

5.     Italy

Famous honeymoon destination, Italy is all about relaxing amidst fabulous landscapes. The ‘Have it all’ country has beaches, mountains, lakes, arts, food and coffee to allure the tourists.

  • 6.     United Kingdom

With rich cultural lineage, beautiful sceneries and shopping paradises, UK is 6th on the list. Enjoy London’s charm or visit Stonehenge, try endless varieties of food or clad yourself in trench coats and visit enchanting mountains.

  • 7.     Turkey

With two of the Seven Wonders of the World, Turkey is on seventh position. The country is a hotspot for those looking for some serenity and rejuvenation. Luxurious hotels, spas, Great Bazaar, Egyptian Spice Market, colorful cityscape and beaches – Turkey has them all.

  • 8.     Germany

This country must be visited by history and art buffs. Being the birthplace of legendary people like Einstein and Beethoven, the country boasts of its rich and artistic lineage. With several museums, excellent architecture and landscapes, this is the country best explored by bike.

  • 9.     Mexico

Colors, drama and sandy beaches – Mexico is the place best enjoyed by beach lovers. The country has 6000 miles of shoreline with lively people, delectable food and a lot more to explore.

10.   Malaysia

Ranked at 10th position, Malaysia is a country worth exploring for its cultural diversity, its beaches, its bubbling crowds, national parks, bridges, architecture and food.

So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and embark on a journey of a lifetime!

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