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Thailand islands – Find out the famous islands in Thailand

Thailand islands - Find out the famous islands in Thailand

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia with coasts on the gulf and Andaman sea of Thailand. Thailand is shines with a tropical climate, majestic mountains, delicious food and fantastic beaches. Thailand attracts the tourist from all over the world with its beauty.

Thailand surrounds with hundreds of islands both in the gulf of Thailand and also in the Andaman sea. All these are the costal islands. In former days all the islands in Thailand were uninhabited but in recent times it got developed as famous tourist resort. In Thailand most of the islands are named with the word “KO” in thai language which means an island.

Let us see some of the major islands in Thailand

Ko chang

Ko chang is cited in Trat province, eastern Thailand. It is most beautiful islands with rich white sandy beaches. In this island you can find wide range of wild life like snakes, deer, elephants and birds. Ko chang is the best place for diving, jungle hiking and snorkeling. As this island is the second largest island the islanders are making cash and pricing themselves when compared with other islands.

Ko samui

It is a big island compared with the others in Thailand. The island is covered with coral reefs, coconut trees and sandy beaches. There is an accommodation facility for travelers starting from small bungalows to high expensive villas. Lot of festivals will take place in the Ko Samui every year like tens stars art party, buffalo fighting festival, street fairs and clothing. Lot of vendors on the sea cost will be passing by selling the delicacies. The weather at this island is little different when compared with other islands on Thailand.

Koh Tao

Koh tao is a turtle island. Do you want to experience the scube diving? Then this is the best place for the diving. About 7000 new divers are getting certified on Koh Tao island every year. This makes the island more popular. You can see lot of sea life in this island. There are lot of resorts, nightclubs and bars located at the island to refresh the tourists.

Ko phi phi

It is the largest and well populated island. Ko Phi Phi is the tropical island. It is almost restricted to the small narrow sandbar which separates the two of the islands. There are plenty of restaurants, ATMS, supermarkets and tattoo parlors around the island. Just stand at the pier you can find in the water clearly a thousands of the fishes swimming around. Ko Phi Phi island was severely hit by an Indian ocean tsunami. At that time lot of islands infrastructure has been damaged.

Ko tarutao

Ko Tarutao is one of the largest island of Tarutao national marine park in satun province of Thailand which is close to the Malaysia border. It is unspoiled island in Andaman sea of Thailand. The Ko Tarutao Island is deeply covered with dense growth of jungle. The island shore is filled with limestone cliff and mangrove trees. Macaques, langurs and wild pigs are commonly seen in the island.

Ko lanta

Ko lanta is an island located in Andaman coast of southern Thailand. It consists of many islands of which two largest are Ko lanta noi and Ko lanta yai. The islands of ko lanta are covered with rich sandy beaches, attractive sceneries, wild life. There are more than 70 small islands dotted in the coastlines of ko Lanta. This island consists of dense forest, water life and coral reefs. Ko lanta yai is strung with a resorts and bungalows.

Ko Phangan

Ko Phangan is located in the gulf of Thailand. This island is famous for the full moon party and backpackers destination. You can experience the rainforests and beaches in the island. Spas and meditation retreats are the islands stunning attractions.

Ko Samet

Ko samet is the small island in the eastern gulf coast of Thailand. Ko Samet Island is called as T-shaped island which is famous for the white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and exotic coral. It is the well known destination for Thais and foreigners. Ko samet is very near to the Bangkok so it is the best spot to enjoy with the families for a couple of days.


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