Chinese spring festival 2014 , China

Event name: Spring festival 2014 in china
Date: 31 January 2014 and 1 February 2014
Location: China

Chinese New Year is the traditional Chinese holiday celebrated as the first day of the year according to the Chinese calendar. The other name for this is spring festival or Lunar new year. Because of the several traditions and myths the Chinese new year gains a lot of importance. During the festival time its must to honor the deities as well as ancestors. On this day the people cleanse the house and decorate nicely to welcome the good luck. Windows and doors are decorated with a red color couplets and paper cuts. Some of the special activities are giving money in a red paper envelops and lighting fireworks in the evening.

Chinese months start according to the lunar calendar which each month is started with the darkest day. New year festival traditionally start on first day of the month and last till fifteenth when the moon becomes brighter.

The most important thing of Chinese spring festival  is the reunion dinner where the people enjoy the dinner in groups. This will take place on the eve of the new year.  The dinner is simply lavish with lot of varieties of dishes like fish, pork and chicken. Yee sand is the special dish to be served first in Malaysia. It is also called as the prosperity toss which is a teochew style raw fish salad. Everyone on the table start mixing this salad with their chopsticks. There is a tradition that the high you toss the salad the more your fortune will grow in this special new year.

Wishing the neighbors, colleagues, business contacts and family members on this spring festival is the most entertainment part of the festive. Everyone starts giving gifts like with boxes of oranges and wish them for their great success in the whole year. Angpoh gifts give kids a lot of happiness on this day. A child with so many uncles and aunties can get a lot of money. A celebration of the lunar new year also includes parades and wearing red color clothes is the tradition for the day. Finally this Chinese New Year gives lot of fun and joy. It the time to a great family feasts.

It is declared as a national holiday in china. From spring festival eve to the seventh day of the first lunar month is announced as a holidays in china according the Chinese calendar. There are lot of red posters hanged with a meaningful quotes gives good fortune and joy. Chinese new year symbols express the different meanings like the fish “having more than one needs every year”. There is a myth about why the fireworks are burnt during the new year time? Cracking the flames is to frighten evil spirits. So later this became a one of tradition.

The fifteenth day of the first lunar month is the lantern festival. People hang the lanterns in temples and carry them to an evening parade in the light of a full moon. The lanterns are designed with birds, animals, flowers, zodiac signs, art and historic scenes.

Spring new year is the yearly celebration event and totally it is a big festival to an china people. The new year celebrations last for two days. People start their celebrations from 31 January and ends on 1st February of 2014. Visit this beautiful spring festival event and know the new things how they are following and celebrating their new year.

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