Aomori Nebuta Matsuri 2013 – Aomori Nebuta festival, carnival in Aomori city, Japan

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri
A festival depicting color, blessings, joy, merrymaking is all what makes Aomori Nebuta Matsuri, an annual festival held in Japan in the time of summers. The cause of the celebration being the harvesting of crops, which is a traditional way to celebrate the festival. Even though the reason being a minor one from our prospective but from their sight, it is a traditional way to mingle in the everlasting joy and harmony, by accumulating the best of the resources to be presented in the festival. From the spectator vision, the festival could be found but similar to Rio carnival of Brazil because of its essence.
  • This time the festival going to unleash its treasure of amazing events on August 2nd which will exceed till August 7th. The six days of deep fun and phenomenal festivity is comprised with drum beats, extravagant performances, dancers and flute tunes. The festival dedicated to nature is a lifetime experience to cherish colors, prosperity and more than that unlimited fun.
  • To get into your nerves, the main attraction of the festival is the giant floats that are paraded in this event. The figures could be of gods, demons, ancestors which are around 5m in height and 9m in width. Culturally, it is serene and for several onlookers it is simply astonishing as diversion from the giant images won’t let you do, and enhances your interest will pour down more and more in your basket.
  • The heart beating moves of the haneto dancers is another ingredient to spice up the event. More or less, from minor to major, everything about this festival is unique in its own way, to hold your breath. The colorful outfits of the dancers adds extra charm to the festival. The moves along with with the attires are breathtaking as a whole and it makes this festival simply extravagant.
  • The jaw dropping scenario is when almost 2,00,000 haneto dancers groove around the streets all in a systematic way with the floats. It is great to analyse their hardcore efforts in bringing the best of themselves and presenting it so beautifully in front of the audience. The symmetry among the haneto dancers is surprisingly way away from your thinking.
  • A fire festival that is a part of Japan cultural and social form is quite a learning platform for the upcoming generation about the traditions the country has to offer. A great step to bind the young generation with the traditions and cultures of the country speaks widely all in this one event. To conserve the traditions and culture, this festival is undoubtedly apt and a vast platform to unleash the best of Japan in front of the visitors gathering from various parts of the globe.
So, this summer get ready for this vibrant festival with the hope that you also get a chance to show your moves actually with the haneto dancers. To groove and move with the beats, you have no choice to make except this amazing event. The never ending fun is waiting for you, come across and check out the vibes in the air.


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