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Life changing places in South-east Asia


There are many wonderful tourist spots in the southeastern parts of Asia. Foreign tourists flock to these places for enjoying a long and exotic vacation. What many people do not know is that there are many exquisite offbeat places in the southeastern parts of Asia that have the capacity to change the way you think and the way you lead life. These places are still not corrupted by the ruthless exploitation of local tourism agencies.

Beauty has the power of changing your life and affecting it in a positive way. If you want to cleanse your heart and start a new life then there is no better way to attain these goals than visiting some of the loveliest places in the southeastern Asia. In the following, you will find a small list of five of the best life-changing places that you should visit.

Pai, Thailand:

Start your life-changing journey by paying a visit to Pai in Thailand. Pai is a carefree place that will surely steal your heart. The beauty of nature can be so astounding that it can bring tears to the eyes of a weary traveler. The green grass fields are spread over vast regions and do something amazing to your soul. Here you will be able to hear the call of your inner-self. Faraway you will get to see the misty mountains. Live like a hippie when you are in Pai. Rent a bike and travel the beautiful place. Stop at the Rasta bars when you feel hungry and sleep under the sky in hand-woven hammocks.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia:

Your second stop should be the gorgeous yet serene Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Native and foreign travelers love this place for its abundance of natural beauty and pleasant weather. The beauty of this lovely hill station will tug at the seams of your heart and help you reveal your secret fears and face them. Kill the inner demons as you watch the sunrise and spread its glory on the lush green mountains. Do visit the tea gardens at Cameron Highlands while you are here.

Sapa, Vietnam:

Go for a hiking trip to Sapa in Vietnam. You will not find any other place as beautiful and peaceful as Sapa in the whole world. There is something familiar and friendly about Sapa. The locals are amiable and the view of the numerous rice fields developed by cutting the slopes of hills look lovely both up-close and from a distance. There are many French colonial buildings in Sapa. The place looks gorgeous with the colorful clothes of different tribes.

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar: 

Mergui Archipelago consists of many small rainforest islands. The natural beauty of these islands cannot be compared with any other place on earth. These islands are situated in the Andaman Sea. You should sail your boat in the blue waters surrounding the small islands. Kayaks are good for accommodation. You will meet the sea gypsies here. They stay in the boats for the sole purpose of collecting pearls from the seas.

Luang Prabang, Laos:

The peaceful Luang Prabang should be in your travel itinerary because of its unique architecture. It merges the Eastern and Western styles of architecture wonderfully. The best thing about this place is the four-day long Mahout courses. During this course, you will get a chance to acquaint yourself closely with the elephants and learn to maneuver them as you please.


There are numerous beautiful tourist spots in Southeastern Asia but few of them have the capacity to change the course of your life. Make a list of places that are still not crowded and offer scenic natural views.

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