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Most amazing places to watch ‘sunrise at midnight’ in Dubai

Dubai has not suddenly turned into Norway. You cannot really see the sun rising at midnight from Dubai but what you can see is no less spectacular. Dubai is hosting a very special firework show. People are ready to travel from different countries to watch the amazing NYE fireworks. The revelries on December 31 are going to be so memorable that none will be able to forget it in a lifetime.


RTI has arranged special waterbuses for the travelers and residents of Dubai so that they can see the fireworks without any difficulty. The beaches are also going to be full. There will be sufficient foods and other necessary stuffs available for an amazing beach party at midnight. The Organizers of Dubai World Record 2014 have told that the main program will be six minutes long. They have made elaborate preparations for making the program more exciting.


Around 400,000 fireworks are going to light up the entire 100 km long shoreline. The fireworks will be started from 400 different places. The arrangers are going to use a brand new technique for making the entire program more special. They are going to show sunrise at midnight with the help of pyrotechnics. They are also going to show a falcon fly through the horizon with the biggest pyrotechnic flag in the background. The city will be jam packed with tourists so you must find a good place to enjoy the wonder. In the following, you will find a list of four places that are perfect for watching the fireworks in Dubai.


Marine Ride:

You are lucky if you can get a seat in the Marine Ride. According to speculators, the Marine Riders will get the best view of the celebrations. The Roads and Transport authorities of Dubai have arranged special boats that will take you to the special celebration point offshore. The fireworks will touch the sky from Palm Jumeirah, the World Islands, Burj Khalifa and Burj Arab at the same time. Your waterbus ride will start from the Dubai Marina Mall Water Transport Station. The waterbus will move through the Marina Canal towards the coastal waters. It will not cost you more than DH75 to get a seat in one of the waterbuses. The waterbus will take you straight to the celebration point near Palm Jumeirah. It will stop for twenty minutes at this point letting you watch the fireworks clearly.


Party on the Palm:

Consider yourself blessed if you can procure a ticket to party at one of the Palm Jumeirah Gala events. All the popular hotels like The Palm, The Anantara, The Sofitel and The Rixos are organizing gala parties. The best party is going to be the one hosted at Nasimi Beach by Sandance NYE. Around 17,000 people will be enjoying the privileges of this party.


House Party:

Each of the house owners of Palm Jumeirah will be able to use their special passes to let their friends and family members come over. There are some strict restrictions regarding the time of entry. The number of guest vehicles allowed at each of the villas is just five.


Beach Soiree:

The beaches are also great places for enjoying the midnight revelries with family. Burj Al Arab and Kite Beach are the best places from where you will get to enjoy the lovely fireworks. The hotels on the beach are also arranging fun gigs for the guests.


Dubai is trying to make world record with a never before performance of fireworks. They are using the special pyrotechnics for making the sunrise at midnight in their country.



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