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Yediburunlar Lighthouse is a supercool ecotourism destination

Yediburunlar Lighthouse

Yediburunlar is one of those tourism destinations, which proves itself as a stunning tourism as well as an ecotourism destination. It is a beautiful lighthouse located on an amazing cliff top location and a perfect place to spend your summer holidays. Yediburunlar Lighthouse is located at the southern end of the Gulf of Fethiye in Turkey. The place is located about 600 m above the sea level. Visitors can reach their after covering a dirt road, which is a part of the Lykian Way.

What makes it a perfect eco tourism destination

People can enjoy their trip in multiple ways, which include everything from travelling to lodging, trekking to food, and more. This lighthouse like hotel is an amazing place to spend beautiful moments with your family and friends. Following points makes the destination a perfect ecotourism destination.

Climate and weather

The climate of the place is soothing where you can relax and enjoy. The cool wind blows and makes the hotel a perfect summer escape. It is a place where you can relax after a lazy day and can enjoy your living at the destination.

Soothing environment

Visitors can relax in a soothing environment. They can rest in the open gardens and can explore the natural beauty of the place. They can also enjoy bird watching and majestic views from the windows of their rooms. They can also experience swimming in the swimming pools while enjoying the scenery.


The hotel offers lodging facilities to their guest in the natural environment. They can stay in beautiful lodges located in the heart of the forest. They can also spot various animals and birds in the forest. Lodges are well furnished with wooden furniture and wooden flooring enhances the beauty of the lodge. Internet facility is available in the hotel so that people can stay connected with their family and friends.

Solar panels

The hotel tries their level best to make the environment clean and pollution free. The hotel makes the use of natural resources available in the region. The solar panels are used to heat the water and generate electricity. The water supply is connected through the natural water resources in the filter. They also prefer recycling process and use recycled products in their hotel.

Ideal place for hiking and cycling

This hotel is located in the heart of the forest, so it is an ideal place to indulge in activities like hiking, trekking, nature walk, and more. Visitors can explore the natural beauty of the place while enjoying bicycle ride and horse ride. The hotel also offer special guided tours to their guests and provides them an opportunity to experience camping in this beautiful place. They can also visit the museum located in the hotel to understand the history of the place.

Other things

The hotel is located in a beautiful location and offer basic tourism facilities to their guests. Visitors can enjoy best food and wines of the country. They can also spend quality time in spa and swimming in hot water. Hotel also offer experience boat ride, can spend quality time with your partner, and can have a romantic dinner. You can also join yoga classes and can enhance your health and beauty.


Yediburunlar Lighthouse is a beautiful ecotourism destination, which offers great opportunity to people to spend beautiful weekend and summer vacations. It is an ideal destination for camping, hiking, and boating.

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