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Understanding Volcano and Geothermal tourism

Volcano and Geothermal tourism

Nature often amazes us with its beauty. We cannot imagine what nature can hide inside it and witnessing a volcanic and thermal eruption is an amazing experience. It is the most inspiring and rare displays in nature. It can give reflects natural beauty of the earth and on the other side it gives an idea about how cruel nature could be.

What is it?

Nowadays, volcano and thermal tourism is becoming very popular especial with people who love adventures. Many tourism facility providers offer an opportunity to people to see lava and ash from a close and safe distance. Volcano tourism and thermal tourism has been successfully promoted in many countries. Volcanoes and thermal tourism destinations attract people and people love them because of their beauty, historical, and cultural aspects.

Apart from this, thermal tourism is preferred by tourists to enhance their health and beauty. Natural thermal waters are known for their curative properties. Following are some popular thermal and volcano tourism destinations:

Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

Dallol volcano is located in the Danakil Desert, Ethiopia. It is located in the remote part of the country, and is one of the sub aerial volcanic areas in the world. The vast area of up lift thick salt deposit and spectacular landscape attract tourists across the world to explore the destination. It is also considered as the hottest place on the planet with an annual average temperature more than 30 degree Celsius. The warm spring, black mountains, yellow lake, and blue lake make the place more attractive and a great tourism destination.

Java, Indonesia

Indonesia is known as the country of volcanoes as it is the country with 13 percent of the world’s volcanoes. The volcanic region is also known as the Ring of Fire as some of them are active and some are not. Some of the huge mountains are situated in the large volcanic lake, the Lake Toba in Sumatra. Hike volcano Mountain Semeru is located in Java, which is one of the highest mountains of the country and a perfect place to see this Volcano Mountain.

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is known as the “Spa Country” as you can find thermal spas and bath centers after every step. Budapest is one of the best thermal tourism destinations where you can experience best spa therapies of the world. It is an age-old tradition in the country and has the ability to cure many physical, mental, and psychological ailments. In this form of bath, thermal water is used in procedures like spa and hot water bath. It relaxes the body and provides relief in pain.

Gautemala, Central America

The country houses twenty-two volcanoes and seven of them are active. It is another perfect place for volcano lovers as they can see seven different active volcanoes in the region. These include Suchitan, Tajumulco, Chingo, Flores, Santo Tomas, Toliman, and Chiquimula. Many tourism service providers offer tour packages to these mountains. Visitors can hike and can enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Visitors can also get a chance to take bath in the natural thermals located in the mountain.

Krakatau Volcano, Sunda Strait

Krakatau Volcano is a beautiful volcanic island located between the islands of Java and Sumatra, Indonesia. It is an active volcano, which is growing continuously. It is a dangerous to visit the destination but still many people visit the destination to explore the place and this beautiful site. Visitors can explore the mountain from sky and can hike on the mountain. It often depends on the current situation of the mountain.


Thermal and volcano tourism is becoming very popular with people these days. The beauty and the adventure of volcanic sites attract people to visit volcanic destination.

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