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Top 10 places to visit in Hyderabad

places to visit in Hyderabad

Hyderabad located in the Southern part of India is a fascinating city in the truest sense. In one hand, it is extremely well maintained, tidy and a high tech city and on the other it offers an awe -inspiring sojourn into the rich legacy and culture designed by the opulent Nizams sprawling in flamboyance and overwhelming nostalgia.

Here we enlist ten stunning destinations in and around the city of Hyderabad without visiting which your trip to Hyderabad would never be complete:


It is an outstanding example of a brilliant mix of Hindu and Mughal architecture carved so exquisitely that it gives an impression as if a piece of melody has been frozen in time. The monument is rich in history with its four magnificent spires at the top corners arresting the tourists’ attention. A walk to the top of the Minar would be quite an experience and hiring an approved and qualified guide with credentials is recommended who would explain you the subtle features of the Minarets. At the base of the Charminar is a sprawling market humming with life. The range of products sold would fascinate you. Starting from delicately fashioned bangles the market offers a plethora of merchandize like mini replicas of the charminar, carpets, drapery, mouth watering famous Hyderabadi Biriyani, decorative pieces and many items crafted with patience and artistic excellence. Facilities for night shopping exist, but beware of pick pockets.

2)Ramoji Film City:

It is a great location with splendid outdoors for movie shoots. And it is the unique and only one of its kind in India that grooms a substantial part of the Indian entertainment history. The star attraction of the show is the evening carnival pulsating with splendor. This mammoth studio estate spreads over 1350 acres with the latest gimmicks and gadgets. Readymade sets for Jaipur, Rajasthan, London station and Bonsai parks are excellent. Their beauty and exactitude would take your breath away. The film city houses an awesome butterfly park and colorful bird chirps liven up the atmosphere. You can have an experience of light action camera to see how a movie shoot takes place. The film city includes a dance theatre, which is a live platform for entertaining shows. Last but not the least the suicide point is a big crowd puller as well.

3) Golconda Fort:

Golconda Fort brings you a fascinating experience of how the Nizams lived their lives in style amid opulence. A tourist gets a flash glimpse of the Nizami culture. The fort is a mind boggling example of architectural marvel. The amazing display of light and sound show is as stunning. You need to mount a flight of 360 stairs to get to the top of the Fort from where you get a bird’s eye view of the entire city. It is indeed a great technological feat in those days that any sound made at the entrance becomes clearly audible at the top of the Fort. The classical architecture patronized by the Nizams is what this Fort stands a vivid example of. A visit to the Fort is an exposure to regal vibes.

4) Hussain Sagar Lake:

This lake is located at the centre of the city. Adjacent to this lake stands the magnificent Lumbini gardens, which is simply fascinating. The lake offers boating facility, and the waters foster a tranquil atmosphere. The world’s largest statue of Buddha adds to the beauty of the lake. The creator and the legend Rama Rao has been said to draw inspiration from the Statue of Liberty while visiting US.

5)Qutub Shahi tombs:

Not very far from Golconda Fort stands the tomb of seven Qutub Shahi rulers. The tombs have domes which were laid originally with blue and green tiles but now the fragmented pieces have almost worn out with age. At the centre of each tomb lies a sarcophagus that superimposes the authentic burial vault in the crypt below. It is a site that worth a visit.

6) Birla Mandir:

This exquisite temple in white marble is constructed by Birla Foundation. Housing a number of Hindu idols this temple is famous for hymns and rituals. This is an architectural marvel presenting a fusion of Rajasthani, Utkala and Dravidian architecture.

7) Salarjung Museum:

Image Source : TheHindu

This museum is legendary as it showcases a massive collection of ancient artifacts and relics chiefly connected with the Nizams and their lifestyle. Knowledgeable guides are available to see you around. The musical clock is an eye catcher of this museum.

8) Mecca Masjid:

The unique feature of one of the biggest mosque in India is its central arch built out of bricks imported in from Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This oldest Mosque in the city surely merits tourist visit.

9) Nehru Zoological Park:

This sprawling zoo garden extends over an area of 300 acres. An abode to a variety of amazing fauna, this place provides a favorite family haunt. Electricity operated vehicles take the tourists around.

10) Necklace Road:

This is a tranquil spot that would certainly touch a tourist’s liking. When having a bird’s eye view this beautiful road poses a striking similarity with a necklace. Thus, the name Necklace Road has been assigned.

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