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Are you a Sci-Fi Fan? Pack your bags for these hubs

Attitude towards science fiction has been changing rapidly over the years. Not far back in time parents used to frown at their sci-fi fan kids for devoting too much time and energy in fantasies. However, the popularity of science fictions and specifically the exotic destinations where these sci-fi movies have been filmed have offered a brilliant platform for those gadget happy nerds who like to ride on fantasies and high speed world of thrills loaded with ultra modern and alien gimmicks and high sounding technology.

Here we have compiled a list of destinations that the aficionados of science fiction and fantasy world are looking forward to for a visit.

1) Doctor Who experience in Cardiff:

Doctor Who has a huge fan following across the globe. With his phenomenal comeback in 2005 to the screen, the popularity of this science fiction character has been mounting ever since. Tourists get a wonderful exposure to Doctor Who memorabilia in Teiger in Cardiff where this famous science fiction character stays now. Doctor Who show has now stepped in its 51st year of global success triggering fans into an outburst of pure entertainment. Not far from the studio where the show is filmed lies the site of Doctor Who experience. Doctor Who enthusiasts have the facility of taking a tour around Tardis beside the walking tours set on this theme. Doctor who experience is a not to be a missed venture for sci-fi buffs.

2) San Diego, California:

This amazing destination seems to be the ultimate target of comics’ fans. The mammoth appeal of the annual convention on comic books has been on a steady rise since 1970. The screen blockbusters are discussed in vivid detail in connection with comics that has set the popularity meter mounting. Hollywood A- Listers run a hot debate anticipating which comic based movie is going to steal the show.

3) Roswell, New Mexico, UFO museum:

Inspired by an incidence of baffling crash in the desert of New Mexico back in a 1947 night, Roswell UFO museum had been a popular haunt of science fiction aficionados turned on by alien invasions. In spite of the US government’s attempt to write off alien hands in the New Mexico desert explosion and explaining the mishap as a weather Zeppelin crashing down, inquisitiveness and inquiries are still very much alive as to what really happened that fateful night. The Roswell incident has developed into an alien pop culture and identified with many a famous movies exhibiting alien attack on earth. This destination has become a paradise of science fiction fans.

4) Disney World star wars weekend:

A trip to the star wars weekend at Disney’s Hollywood studio would be an ecstatic family trip bordering on high pitched science fiction adventure. There are facilities for sharpening your skills at Jedi training school. You may well meet the legendary characters from the epic science fiction franchise. You can feel to your bones the overwhelming star war ambiance.

5) Dubrovnik, Croatia, games of thrones:

This famous science fiction movie had been shot throughout the planet covering several countries. But the most sensational fantasy shot had been the king’s landing, which was filmed right in Dubrovnik making it famous overnight. Organized games of thrones walking tours are available that guide the tourists around different movie shoot locations covering Old town and blackwater bay.

6) Asheville, North Carolina, the Hunger Games experience:

The Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina promises the visitors a rare brand of stealing beauty by its astounding sweeping landscape. It is exactly here where the Hunger Games movie shoot was carried out. It is exactly here where the milieu provided the right location for the arena where pita and Katniss struggled for survival. Here the tourists may trek along the DuPont state forest to test and improve their survival ability.

7) Vancouver and British Columbia, Canada, the X files:

The shooting of the movie The Truth has been done here. The diehard fans can visit Vancouver and British Columbia to have a glimpse of the filming sites. They can view the toom’s apartment to cable car from where Mulder hung and bring back flash backs of different exciting scenes that made this movie so famous in the science fiction genre.

8) Tokyo, Japan, the Akihabara and studio Ghibli museum:

The tourists should visit this studio and museum to get a taste of anime, manga and other video game inspired vibes. The studio and the museum holds a powerful charm and many a famous science fiction movie had been conceived right here.

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