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Top places to go in 2015 that you never dreamt to visit


The universe we live in is indeed insanely beautiful. There are stunning destinations noted for breath-taking landscapes, marvelous sea beaches and snow clad lofty mountain peaks. There are countries famous for historical monuments, art galleries, museums and splendid opera houses. There are awesomely hi tech cities and there are even tourist spots offering a mix of flora and fauna that looks straight from the prehistoric age. But still there are certain countries and places that are either very remotely located or haven’t come under the limelight of much hyped tourism advertisements. These are sure some of the offbeat countries that you haven’t dreamt of visiting but would love to set your foot on these in 2015:

1) China:

This country of massive land area somehow seems like a forbidden land rich in art and culture but totally alien with respect to food habits, language, and music and off course the teeming population exhibiting ethnic Mongoloid features. So vibrant, extremely beautiful and endowed with the support of laser age technology this country still seems to be hiding something from the outsiders. This might be a product of pure imagination lacking rationality, but China would certainly be the destination where you would like to be in 2015. The legendary great wall, the capital city of Beijing, The Forbidden City and the hi-tech modernity of Shanghai, Peking duck and the awesome soya based cuisine offer an irresistible charm for tourists.

2) Brazil:

Brazil is an amazing country to visit in 2015 that you never ever dreamt to set your foot on. The high end scintillating space age cities, the primitive rain forests of the Amazon inhabited by almost savage tribesmen and its wonderful daring sea beaches of this enormous soccer frenzy nation would certainly have a special kind of enchantment for the tourists this 2015 !

3) South Pacific and French Polynesia:

These groups of exotic and exquisitely beautiful Islands located far away from the mainstream life offer a different kind of charm you are not acquainted with. The tranquil water of the Pacific Ocean washing the marvelous shores is simply a feast for your senses. The palm fringed native villages and fishing boats sculpted with an artistic touch and the local folk dances would give you a feeling that this place is cut off from time. This is a place you ought to visit at any cost this 2015.

4) Countries far up North to get a glimpse of Aurora Borealis:

The countries up north almost touching the apex of the world like Norway, Iceland, Canada, and Alaska hold a special charm and they are too far up located that you would only expect to visit these countries in dream and not in reality. Still you would die to be there in 2015 to get one divine glimpse of the ghostly lights conjuring up a spooky and yet an ambiance of murderous beauty.

5) Tasmania:

Although belonging to the continent of Australia this Island nation is different in more than one ways from the mainland besides its remote location. This amazingly beautiful destination will leave you enthralled that you would make this country on the top of your tour bucket list for 2015 although you would have never ever expected to be there anytime soon.

6) The Arctic:

This is the deep freezer of the world far away located at the Northern tip of the world where you would expect yourself to be the last person to visit or the other way round the last place in the world to make an expedition to. Yet this all icy destination has its own charm in its own right. The crowd of exotic fauna in a constant struggle for existence will astonish you in a unique way. The amazing population of polar bears, arctic foxes, seals, walruses and arctic chars set up a marvel of an environment you will not want to leave once you set your foot here.

7) Myanmar:

Until recently Myanmar had been a country that had closed its doors to the outside world in context of economic, political, cultural participation and naturally this had an impact on the country’s tourism profile that not many tourists were encouraged to visit. Consequently, you are no exception and would never dream to visit this country. However, times have changed and Myanmar has lifted the curtain exposing its panoramic landscape, beautiful countryside and dense forests. The intricately designed Pagodas and humble monkhood and colorful people are all powerful attractions hard to resist. This nation could certainly find a place in your 2015 tour program.

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