Norris Technique

Many problems of the musculoskeletal system often arise due to improper body posture attained by a person. Certain factors like the body alignment and the way of movement often influence these problems. Norris technique is a method of improving body alignment and regaining the original structure and function of the body. It focuses on aligning feet, knees, pelvis, shoulders and the head.

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The founder of this technique is Patricia Norris, a trained dancer, who realized the importance of body alignment and posture while working with physically disabled children in a hospital. Her work involved training the children in remedial movement and help to regain their movement. She also studied and used some other methods of body alignment strategies like Alexander technique, Pilates, yoga and appreciated the benefits of all of these.


Norris technique is based on the principle that disturbances in body alignment are the main cause of difference in posture and movement. These differences can further lead to pain, discomfort and even deformities. If such disturbances are addressed and the body alignment is worked on by focusing on specific joints and parts of the body, the entire structure and function of the musculoskeletal system can be regained.



Norris technique is taught by a trained practitioner and is simple for a person to learn. The teaching can be done as one-on-one or in small groups. It does not require the use of any equipment and focuses on correct posture during standing, sitting and aligning body position during various movements.

The training program and the duration can vary and is best decided by the trainer depending on the person’s health condition and requirements. The basic form of this alignment technique, which can be called the survival kit, includes a basic format of practicing aligning for three minutes, three times in a day. The exact regimen is decided according to the needs of the person and it is important to follow the instructions of the trainer.



Norris technique helps in aligning the body structure and helps to reduce pain and discomfort due to abnormal postures. With proper alignment the person can learn the correct ways of movement and prevent injuries to muscles and ligaments, reduces damage to joints due to aging and provides a natural stimulation to the body to maintain health.

Another health benefits includes improvement in circulation, improved oxygenation to internal organs, better digestion and improved immunity system.

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