How modern day stress relates to the growth of wellness tourism

People these days have hectic lives and with it, stress levels are increasing day by day. It is extremely important to take occasional breaks and go out on vacations for relaxation and reducing stress. The wellness tourism industry is attempting to reduce stress in our lives by introducing various stress reduction techniques as well as teaching travelers about ways they can decrease stress.

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Stress and Wellness Tourism

Wellness tourism includes various techniques such as meditation, yoga, tai chi and relaxation methods, which work to reduce stress. These benefits plus the attraction of visiting a new tourist destination and exploring its cultural and natural beauty at an affordable cost is making more and more people opt for wellness tours.

Techniques to Reduce Stress

Let us now look at five techniques, which help to reduce stress, and are part of almost every wellness tour plan.



Yoga is known to improve physical fitness and in addition to it has several other benefits. First, it is an effective method to reduce stress as well as beneficial in lowering diabetes symptoms as well as keep the blood pressure in check. Some of the other positives of practicing yoga are that it helps to reduce back pain, asthma and any type of inflammation. In most of the wellness spas, yoga is one of the primary methods used to help people get relief from stress.



Ayurveda is one of the ancient methods of treatment for stress and encourage the use of herbs, meditation, diet and massages as part of the treatment. These techniques attempt to bring back the equilibrium inside the body so that the person regains health quickly. The focus here is to create a balance between life energies, since lack of proper balance often results in diseases. Ayurveda is one of the safest medical practices, which can also help to improve memory and focus.

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Different types of massages can take you into another world and make you forget about all your worries including the stress you have. In addition to it, one of the recent studies has shown that immune functions tend to improve in HIV patients who receive the right massage therapy. After undergoing massage session, patients also report reduction in fibromyalgia pain and athletes notice faster recovery and reduced soreness in muscles after massage therapy.


Herbal Medicines:

Stress may often lead to depression and one of the herbal medicines known as Ginseng is known to be quite effective against depression. Tourist visiting a wellness spa can make use of other herbal medicines to solve problems they are facing. As for example, risk of heart diseases can be reduced by taking fish oil and it is also good for arthritis, similarly if you want to lower cholesterol levels then garlic is proven to be quite effective.



This treatment method is centuries old and its origin was in China. The treatment aims to manage energy flows properly within the body called the “chi.” It is effective for a number of physical problems including stress and in this treatment method; small needles are inserted in almost 400 hundred points in the body to cure specific problems. In due course, this form of treatment has become quite popular and now is the main treatments offered in some of the popular wellness destinations worldwide.


As stress is increasing in our lives, more and more people are looking for places to escape, relax as well as refresh their mind and bodies before returning to daily routine lives. Wellness vacations are becoming popular because they meet the needs of tourists and provide them quality time that they are looking for.

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