Basics You Need To Know About Salt Therapy: Ancient Healing Secrets Of Salt Therapy 

Salt therapy aka Halotherapy, though an age-old treatment concept is very much relevant even today with medical experts championing its amazing benefits. Early human civilization was able to tap the healing properties of salt. In the 12th century, back in Polish civilization, a halo therapy spa resort existed as revealed from the records.

Even at the dawn of civilization, folks used to retreat in salt caves and spent hours to feel great simply breathing in the fine grained salt that floated in the air. The evolution of the beneficial impact of halo therapy gradually spread across the corners of the globe making the concept a favorite wellness treatment down the history across the continents that had human settlements.Even today an alternate form of medical treatment, namely the salt therapy exists with millions of users getting health benefits from it.

Salt therapy application in healing:

eczema skin on neck

Mainly to treat:
– Eczema and Dermatitis.
– A host of allergies.
– Asthma.

Halotherapy Centers:

Though Halo therapy has taken Europe in grip, it hasn’t spread its roots to the US and Canada. However, with the untiring efforts of two eminent souls Helen and Keith Tong, quantum doctors, salt therapy found a firm ground in the west when they set up a wellness centre in Burnaby, Canada in January2016.

Instead of salt caves,modern halo therapy centersare of course custom designed in the shape of artificial salt caves and mounds. These chambers with healing salt formations are calledSpeloetherapy rooms built out of blocks of salt with air filtering systems installed. Some rooms have a full coating of salt on the wall.

With Speloetherapy coming in vogue one can draw in all the beneficial effects of spending some time in a salt cave all simulated in modern times that can give you a feel in an environment that existed way back in the Stone Age.Speloetherapy rooms are hard to come across as the huge salt formations are not easy to get. They take time to accumulate.

In the Slovakia and Belarus, the concept of halo therapy has taken a step ahead keeping the customer comfort in view.There are spacious lounges in Spas where chairs are installed. As the customers relax in the lounge, aerosols spray travel through the air and directly get inhaled into the lungs. This is an immensely beneficial breathing session that happens under the instruction of experts.

How Halotherapy acts?

The salt laced air jet makes its way through the affected areas of the respiratory tract. The probable mechanism of the beneficial impact of breathing salty air is that the stream of saline air mitigates lung inflammation resolving lung related issues. Another school of medical thought propounds that it smoothens up muscle tissue and helps loosen the mucous. Salt therapy fortifies your immune system, and after going through a salt induced air breathing session most of the customers admit that their breathing process has improved.


As vouched by mine workers and refugees while going on a hideout during WWII for salt therapy, they recalled that time spent in salt caves improved their breathing and overall respiratory health. Inhaling salty air had turned into a passion among the Russians and East Europeans. Tests reveal that after inhaling salt charged air for 40 minutes a day for 2 weeks asthma symptoms fell by 34 % among asthma patients.

-The asthma patients find this to be an amazing boon. After a session on halo therapy they turn less dependent on their inhalers.
-Even the frequency and intensity of seasonal allergies have been reported largely mitigated among patients going through a spell of halo therapy.
-Salt therapy is applied also for cleaning nasal cavity of customers.
-It helps eliminate several throat infections especially when you are suffering from the step virus.
-Gurgling with salt water and saline irrigation help correct your respiratory disorders. They are also used for treating colonic and gynecological disorders.

Salt chamber treatment is just a modern replica of spending time in ancient salt caves. The package typically comes with a price tag of around USD 45 for a session of 40 minutes spent in a halo therapy salt chamber. Its worth a try compared to the expense deal huh? However, prolonged salty air breathing doesn’t have any harmful side effects. At the worst it might give you a couple of salty coughs.

Medicinal properties:

So much of recommendations for salt; this natural compound must have some medicinal properties to reckon. Here they are:
– It is antibacterial.
– It is anti-inflammatory.
– It induces Mucolytic effect. It thins out the thick and sticky mucus body and accelerates mucociliary transport.
– It eliminates pathogen agents.
– It mitigates Ige level (a measure of immune system oversensitivity)

Salt therapy with deep rooted healing history has miraculous effects in curing chronic respiratory diseases and allergies. Worth giving a try.

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