Salt Body Treatment for a refreshed mind and body

Salt glow or a salt scrub is one of the most famous spa body treatments. Salt body treatment is a medical treatment that heals the medical ailments by breathing in salt infused air. Salt body treatment is also called speleotherapy and halotherapy.

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This spa treatment is best known to treat the respiratory medical ailments. Salt body treatments exfoliates the skin. It deeply hydrates your skin and leaves it soft and supple. Salt paste is often spiced with figs, lemon, lavender and many more making it an enticing attraction to the customers.

Salt body treatment has many a benefits. It is very helpful when it comes to improving lung functions, reducing allergies, treating asthma and other respiratory disorders, reducing bronchial inflammation, reducing snoring, reducing sinuses, and enhancing physical endurance.

This particular therapy came into being in the twelfth century, at a spa resort in Poland. This spa treatment uses dry sodium chloride to treat various medical ailments. This treatment has a procedure to visit salt cave mines in lieu to the treatment. Various forms of halotherapy are:

Taking saline and brine baths

As the name suggests, saline and brine baths treat medical ailments through a bathing procedure. This method gives best result in treating children, when compared to the advantages it offers for adults. Warm saline and brine baths are divided between 34 to 37 degree Celsius and 38 to 40 degree Celsius with the concentration of sodium chloride being around 0.5 to 1.5%

Inhalation of dry salt aerosol

Inhalation of dry salt aerosol

The treatment is done through halogenerator, a substance produced by atomizing the dry salt aerosol generator. Breathing sessions for this are pre decided. This procedure is best known to treat respiratory diseases.


This therapy treats medical problems with the help of dinking therapeutic waters. These waters have the major content of sodium chloride ranging from a percentage of 0.3 to 1.5. This therapy treats gastrointestinal and urinary tract infections very effectively.


Irrigation and lavage

This treatment method of salt body treatment is further divided into further sub parts. These are:

  • Respiratory system irrigation and lavage: This treatment effectively treats the respiratory tract infections and sinuses with the help of a warm isotonic solution that makes cleansing process easier.
  • Colonic irrigation and lavage: This treatment has effective results when combined with some balneotherapy treatments. In this treatment, warm water heated to 39 to 41 degree Celsius is employed, which cleanses the mucous membrane.
  • Treating oral cavities: Saline water heated to at least 37 degree Celsius and with periodontium, support treats swellings, bleeding and other oral inflections.
  • Gynecological irrigation and lavage: Chronic inflammatory conditions are treated with the help of saline irrigation and lavage treatment procedure. Saline water at a temperature of 37 degree Celsius is very helpful in vaginal irrigation and lavage.

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Salt therapy is a non-invasive, natural and chemical free spa body treatment that is gaining fast interests because of its incredible benefits. It is today incubated with modern technology that makes its effects even more wondrous and mind boggling. This particular treatment is a pain free alternative is improving the quality of lives and wellbeing of people by enhancing their immunity levels.

Salt therapy is safe and effective and has the ability to effectively treatment many medical conditions that cannot be treated otherwise or the way to treat them is painful and has a lot many side effects. This spa treatment is thus one of the best and is catching many eyes lately. Salt body treatment can help pupils get rid of the diseases that have been bothering them since ages and that too with the minimal efforts.


Salt body treatment or halotherapy is spa treatment the very effectively treats various medical ailments like respiratory disorders, skin diseases, sinuses and many more.

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