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Seven most amazing natural hot springs worth a visit

amazing natural hot springs worth a visit

Every once in a while, it is necessary to allow our body to relax. At that moment, we instantly think about a nice and relaxing spa. Although with the modern technology, spa treatments are available in the cities nowadays, but the artificial spas can barely match the immense benefits of the natural hot spring spas. Surrounded by picturesque locations, visiting the natural hot springs will not only provide you with a tremendous sense of relaxation but will also become one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life:

Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia (Canada)

Radium Hot Springs is one of the largest natural hot spring pools in Canada. It is located in Radium village in Kootenay. It is named as the Radium Hot Springs because the warm waters flowing in this spring contains a very small amount of radon, an element that is derived from Radium. However, besides radon, the hot waters also contain many other skin rejuvenating natural minerals like magnesium, silica, sulphate and fluoride. Surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Rocky Mountains, Radium Hot Springs is one of the best places of the world to relax your mind and body by soaking yourself in the warmth of nature.

Heviz (Hungary)

Discovered during the Roman times, Heviz has one of the largest hot water lakes of the world. The water in this lake uses the natural geothermal energy to keep the water warm and it has a special ability to maintain the warmth up to 22 degree Celsius even during the biting cold of European winter; during the summer, the water gets heated up to 35 degree Celsius. First used by the ancient Romans for treating animal skins, the warm waters of the lake is now a popular hot spring destination to soothe and heal your mind and body.

Peninsula Hot Springs, Victoria (Australia)

Located only 90 minutes away from Melbourne, the Peninsula Hot Springs is a perfect place to escape from the never resting city life. Soaking in the luxurious pools built around the naturally heated waters flowing in this spring and enjoying the magnificent Australian sunshine at the same time is the ultimate way to relax completely and forget about your problems for a while. Moreover, another significant quality of Peninsula is that it can provide you with 20 baths in different temperature in the same pool and therefore, it allows you to reap the benefits in 20 different ways and helps in relaxing completely.


The hot spring in Taiwan is one of the world’s best natural hot springs, which not only allow you to admire the natural beauty surrounding this spring but also the architectural marvels built around the spring. Attracting travelers from all corners of the world, this hot spring in Taiwan also offers the traditional Taiwanese herbal treatment for curing many diseases and for helping you to relax better. Moreover, the hot spring also offers you both hot and cold bath simultaneously in order to cure many skin disorders and also to make your skin softer and smoother.

Strawberry Springs, Colorado (USA)

Located in the middle of the strikingly beautiful forest in Colorado, the Strawberry Springs looks spectacular with all the naturally warm waters flowing in it. Although the spring looks amazing anytime of the year but during the winters, you can get a unique experience by soaking yourself in the warm waters and admiring the snow covered forest around you. So, being able to soak yourself in the warm waters of Strawberry Springs after a long day of engaging in exciting sports in Colorado forest is just awesome.

Waikite Valley Thermal Pools (New Zealand)

Located within the picturesque location of Te Manaroa Springs in New Zealand, the Waikite Valley Thermal Pools offers you the chance of relaxing in the naturally warm waters and breathe the fresh air surrounding the spring. Nicknamed as Living Waters, the hot water of the spring is the perfect spot to take a relaxed break from the busy life of the city and driving out the stress from your mind and body. The Waikite Valley is dominated by three main pools of natural hot waters called the soak pool, the splash pool and the luxurious tranquil pool. Each pool is laced with breathtaking beauty and amazing qualities.

Myattn Nature Baths (Iceland)

The sight of natural hot springs in the middle of snow covered beautiful landscape of Iceland is something, which you remember for the rest of your life. Opened in 2004, the Myattn Nature Baths remain filled with hot waters all the time of the year so that you will not get disappointed even if you happen to visit the place during the winter. According to the geologists, this hot spring, which is located only 65miles away from the Arctic Circle was the result of seismic activities and volcanic eruptions. So, apart from a hot bath in the spring, you will also get the chance to admire the beauty of crater, caves, lava, mountains and many other natures’s wonder.

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