Integrative medicine successfully incorporates chiropractic with other treatments

Chiropractic is a popular complementary or alternative therapy that treats our body by working on the misaligned joints to cure chronic ailments and pains. The focus of this special type of treatment is on the muscles attached with the nervous system and the skeletal system of our body. Chiropractic helps in curing sprains, arthritis, backache, headache, Repetitive Strain Injuries or RSI and neck pain. The chiropractors evaluate the health conditions of the patients from every different aspect and only then suggest treatments for them. Chiropractic has been used in integrative medicine along with other alternative treatments like acupuncture, massage, naturopathy, and homeopathy very successfully.


Acupuncture and chiropractic can be combined successfully to diminish the different chronic ailments stemming from skeletal or nervous problems. Acupuncture works on the soft tissues and muscles of the body and manipulates the flow of qi or life energy throughout the body. Chiropractic works on the nervous system, the muscles attached with the nerves and the skeletal system. Chiropractic may eliminate the skeletal or nervous system related problem causing pain but if the soft tissues are not in harmony with each other then the ailment will keep recurring. Acupuncture creates a balance among the different body muscles and channels the life energy properly. This way acupuncture gives stability to the cure offered by chiropractic. The chiropractors often treat their patients with the help of both acupuncture and chiropractic.


Massage therapies strengthen and relax the unnecessary muscle tensions. Stress can lead to muscle contraction. Contracted muscles put a lot of stress on the nerves and cause chronic pains and skeletal ailments. Chiropractic uses massage therapies to ease the strained and contracted muscles. Homeopathy and naturopathy both works well with chiropractic. Naturopathy suggests herbal medicines and dietary supplements that help in the healing procedure of an individual who is receiving chiropractic treatments. Integrative medicine combines chiropractic with other treatments so that the ailments are cured from the very roots and the patients are completely relieved from the pain or uneasiness they encountered. Integrative medicine merges different types of conventional and alternative treatments to offer the best medical care to the patients. It is based on science and focuses on the patient’s overall fitness instead of just curing the outer symptoms of diseases.

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