Reasons why integrative medicine is more beneficial for you

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Unlike conventional medicine, integrative medicine takes into account the physical, mental and spiritual well being of every patient. Conventional medicine practiced by doctors, surgeons and general physicians concentrate on treating ailments. Integrative medicine focuses on treating the patient and improving their overall health condition. Each patient gets more attention and time and they are made a part of the entire integrative medicine treatment process. When you pay a visit to the GP you get a prescription and shown the door within 15 minutes. The GP gives you medicines to curb the pain or effects of the disease. Often they overlook the root causes that may have caused the ailment in the first place. Integrative medicine is gaining so much popularity because patients are helped in their goal of getting perfect physical and psychological health. The reasons why you should choose integrative medicine are discussed in the following.


You get more attention:

The integrative medicine treatment starts with a long conversation between the patient and the doctor. The doctor will ask a lot of different questions regarding your work, activities, habits and lifestyle. Through your answer he or she will learn more about your health. The choice of treatments will entirely depend on your personal needs. The same therapies are not used on every patient with apparently similar ailment.

You are given more time:

The general physicians will not be able to devote too much time on you because they have to check numerous patients in a day. The integrative medicine practitioners devote more time to each patient and see fewer patients in a day for this reason. They will discuss the plan of treatment with you and involve you in every part of the treatment.

Better diagnosis:

Integrative medicine believes in looking not just at an ailment but at the individual who has got the ailment. The doctors run several tests and view your health related problems from different angles. They find out the root causes of an ailment or the reasons why a particular treatment is not working as expected. Proper diagnosis leads to more effective treatment.

More options:

Integrative medicine has merged conventional medicine and alternative medicine together and it offers more options to you. Patients who cannot take prescription medicines due to allergies or other problems can be treated with equivalent alternative therapies.

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