Manual lymphatic drainage massage

MLD – Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a form of gentle massage that ensures drainage of the lymph through natural ways. This therapy is pressure based that has to be less than 9 ounces per square inch in order to restore the rhythmic movements and stimulating the natural lymph flow. MLD was a convention by the Danish Doctors Emil Vodder, and Estrid Vodder who through their continued efforts gave the world a technique so helpful. Manual Lymph drainage has now become a primary tool in lymphedema management, which is being readily adopted by many organizations.

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MLD helps in reducing the swelling from lymph edema with the aim to restart the movement of fluids from the swollen area to the lymphatic system in order to restore the normal functioning. The massage has to be gentle and should be done by experts so that all the intricacies of the process are well understood and performed in a correct manner. The gentle pressure helps release the fluids, if the pressure so applied is not correct then the fluids will not drain as the small lymph vessels are flattened due to extra bit of pressure. Manual lymphatic drainage is extremely helpful for cancer patients especially for those who have had lymph nodes removed through surgical processes due to the existence of carcinogenic cells.

MLD can be performed thrice a day with the consultation of the physician or the therapist who would decide upon the duration and time frame keeping in mind the requisites that would help the patients rightfully. MLD has to be avoided under certain situations. For example, it is not performed if you have any sort of infection in the lymphatic nodes, if you have cardiac ailments, if there is are any active carcinogenic cells, and if there is a blood clot at the problem cite. These phenomenons have to be treated before undertaking manual lymphatic drainage massage therapy.


MLD is a stabilizing therapy that has to been helping various patients around the globe restoring their normal regimes. This is worthwhile treatment but one has to be watchful that this therapy is undertaken only when patients develop lymphedema and not otherwise. MLD for medical conditions other than lymphedema is not medically recommended. MLD is continuous massage therapy that shows effective results taking its own time. Some breathing exercises are performed before and after the MLD massage.


MLD is a gentle massage therapy that ensures the restoration of bodily fluids to regain the natural functionalities of the body.

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