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Medical Tourism and Healthcare Marketing Masterclass,
Avasa Hi Tech City, Hyderabad, India - July 28, 2023

Agenda and Topics of Masterclass

A globally acclaimed, award-winning strategic leader and speaker, Dr. Prem Jagyasi will be conducting a one-day workshop on Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Marketing in Hyderabad, India on July 28, 2023. Dr. Prem has delivered keynote speeches and workshops in over 65 countries. Here are they key topics to be discussed in the Medical Tourism and Healthcare Marketing Masterclass.

Become a part of the industry’s top echelon by joining Dr Prem’s Masterclass. 

Patient's journey in medical tourism

If you’re looking to learn and grow in your industry, join Dr Prem’s Masterclass. 

Key success strategies in medical and wellness tourism

Strategic brand building and positioning in Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism

Patient Acquisition in Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Facilitator business and matchmaking services

AI-driven Personalized Patient Engagement

Digital Marketing in Global Healthcare, Medical, and Wellness Tourism

Digital Marketing in Healthcare

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Advanced Content Management for Healthcare Brands

Budgeting and ROI in Healthcare Marketing

Medical Tourism and Healthcare Marketing

Corporate Wellness Marketing

Attended By

Hospitals, Clinics

Doctors, Dentists

Dental tourism facilitators

State Tourism boards & tour operators

Health Insurance Companies

Wellness centers, Spas, Alternative therapy centres

Yoga centers Hotels Students TPAs

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