Eight virtually floating household products to amaze your guests

Seeing something virtually floating around in air against the gravity always gives us an amazing feeling, very similar to magic. The same magic is weaved into designing and creating these virtually floating household products. It is truly a masterpiece and you would be rewarded with the astounded expression of your guests.

1. A Futuristic TV rack designed by Erhan Afsaroglu

Futuristic TV Rack designed by Erhan Afsaroglu is the latest addition in the virtually floating household products section. This TV unit was inspired by the version of a drop of water before falling from the surface. Its skilled construction method and LG Hi-Macs technique makes the piece smooth and picture perfect with seamless joints. It is a simple yet ultramodern design which can be built-in with a combination of semi-open and closed shelves.

The curved structure on the bottom of the curve forms a space that is good to display magazines, DVDs and other TV equipments. The entire unit can be fixed to the wall thus creating a virtual floating effect. This is effect is further magnified using LED lighting fixed at the back.

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This simple, soft edged design has room for the TV and everything that goes with it. The semi-open and closed shelves are perfect for storing DVDs and other accessories.


Its design with smooth edges is child proof and appears more elegant and attractive.

2. Floating balloon bench

The floating bench by Japanese studio h220430 looks as if it is held up by bunches of balloons at both end. This aluminum Balloon Bench is suspended from anchor points in the ceiling, hidden under a cluster of polyethylene balloons. Balloon bench is an inspiration taken from the 1953 French film “Le Balloon Rouge”. In reality the bench is suspended from the ceiling by 4 anchors concealed in the balloons, thus creating an illusion of the bench being lifted using balloons. The balloons are also fitted with lights which double up as lamps.

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The product is made of aluminum and polythene balloons which makes it lighter giving it a complete look.

The balloon bench is an awe-inspiring virtual household product which is sure to intrigue your guests.

3. Float coffee table

This beautiful coffee table is an inspiration from the bubbles which floats over the surface of the water. It is designed by American designer Liz Boscacci. The table is called Float Coffee Table. The base of the coffee table is made of mahogany and therefore has a very attractive natural color to it. The Float Coffee Table is a chic piece of furniture that would make any plain room look stunning and attractive.

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An original piece of furniture, undoubtedly too difficult to resist. The simple contrast between the elegant and fragile table top and the “crowded” wooden base makes it an unconventional piece. The dimensions of the product are 3 feet in diameter with a height of 13 inches.

A Float Coffee Table is best for a modern or contemporary living room as its interesting base, natural color, fresh appearance and unconventional design that gels well with other household products.

4. Shadow Sofa by Duffy London

Shadow sofa, is really unique and the design is apt to its name. This modern innovation management is the latest collection from Duffy London. This shadow sofa comes with a really stunning and spectacular design. This modern sofa has a floating stand without legs, and virtually stands on a shadow of a sofa at the bottom. The upholstery of shadow sofa is made of wool, the frame is made of Wood from Forest Stewardship Council, and powder coated mild steel. All materials used in the manufacturing of this sofa is sourced or made in United Kingdom.

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Shadow Sofa is designed on the basis of an illusionary effect which is revealed by the concept of resisting gravity. Shadow Sofa comes in a variety of soft colors and matches perfectly with the decor theme of your house.


The design is very simple and exhibits a strong conception and workmanship. This sofa is done in detail by hand.

5. Floating bed design

There are a number of bed designs in market today and Floating Bed is one of them. This has a very unique and appealing concept. The Floating Bed gives an illusionary effect of floating in air, but it is the innovative and extraordinary design which makes it possible.

This bed like its counterparts has all the 4 legs but these are made from see through glass panels to give the virtual floating effect. The floating bed is an exceptional piece of furniture designed and created by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia. The bed is called Dylan Modern Leather Bed.

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This creative modern Italian furniture makes a creative statement and gives the illusion that the bed is floating.


The Floating Bed has a real virtual design which makes it look real and closer to the truth.

6. Floating staircase

Floating staircases are very well-designed, classic and unpretentious. They are a perfect combination for modern interiors and for those people who are comfortable with the minimalist look. Some of these staircases come along with railings on the side. These are definitely dangerous and only recommended for people who do not have kids at home.

Some of the floating staircases are good looking enough to become the showpiece of the house. The floating staircase is fixed to the wall without any visible strings. This makes the staircase float. Proper floating staircases have something unique about them and should not be created in combination with a railing.

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This design surely helps to beautify your home. They make an excellent addition to the interiors of your house as they are both subtle and elegant. The best advantage of this kind of design is the use of minimalist space, but at the same time being an attention grabber.


The floating staircases are made from different materials like stone, timber or glass.

7. Floating lamp

The floating lamp is based on a great design called “Flap Flap”. It is a limited version designed by German designer. The lamp is held on a secret wire which is stronger than you think.

The functions in the floating lamp are wonderfully effective, and the light from the lamp lingers on with a mesmerizing effect even after switching off the power. It uses a specific type of photo-luminescence related to fluorescence
. These lamps typically the glow and then slowly fades out in a matter of minutes or a few hours in a dark room

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The Phosphorescence material used in this lamp does not immediately radiate the energy it absorbs, thus takes a longer time for radiating it . As these conversion occur very slowly in certain materials, the absorbed radiation may be re-emitted at a lesser concentration for up to several hours after switching of the power supply; thus conserving the precious energy.


This lamp is best when used along with LED lights to conserve energy.

8. Floating Shadow Chair

Floating shadow chair is a chair in which shadows become a part of the actual chair. This is a design which clearly plays with the illusion effect, only careful viewing would let you know of the real structure. However, even without the illusion part, this design is wacky and can be added to your collection. There is a fine equilibrium between the white and wooden finished versions of this chair covered with black underneath.

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Apart from of the startling feature of this design there is a sense of infeasibility when it comes to the plank of the seat which protrudes out over the empty space. This factor is enhanced when someone is actually sitting on the chair.


The floating chairs unlike many other concept designs, is actually under production and can be acquired easily.

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