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An amazing energy-enhancing deep freeze health treatment initiated in Japan and already in practice in Europe past 20 years has received a massive response in the US. The operational procedure though a little weird is immensely effective. Customers stand in a tall, tubular cryo-chamber, super cooled with liquid nitrogen, for roughly three minutes withstanding a severely freezing temperature of 130C (266F). To protect from frostbite, they wear bathing suits, socks and gloves. The customer is carefully monitored by an attendant from outside the chamber to locate any signs of pain or discomfort.  The treatment of high therapeutic value imbibes high energy level making you feel a super human being. It relaxes you fully and boosts up for another work-loaded day.

Latent Health Benefits

Joint pain.

Cryotherapy, popularly known as the Big Chill therapy, has multifarious health benefits as enumerated hereunder:

-Relieves arthritic pain, rheumatism and multiple sclerosis which stick on to you as a medical curse.

-It has been proved that sporting performance among athletes enhances by around 10 %.
– A great remedy for patients suffering from stress, burnouts, sleeplessness and depression.
-Fights acute medical disorders like psoriasis.
– Acts as an amazing analgesic. It is a common observation when an athlete gets injured in the field heaps of ice are rubbed on the area of injury to reduce pain. Cryotherapy does this more effectively.
– Relieves you from chronic pain and work wonders on your skin. Post super cool therapy, your skin glows like it has been freshly and adequately nourished.
-Plays a vital role in the fortification of your immune system thereby bringing on a powerful barricade against the assault of diseases.

– If you are suffering from a nervous disorder, Cryotherapy is a quick healer.

One Treatment for Multiple Ailments

loose joints

-Cryotherapy knocks down the abnormal tissues (with high chances of turning into cervical cancer) of the cervix of a female by freezing it. Some of the abnormal tissues are damaged as well in the process. Super cool Liquid CO2 circulates through the chamber freezing the tissues for two to three minutes. After this, thawing and refreezing is done to achieve the desired results. Cryotherapy comes into the picture when abnormal PAP test results have been confirmed by colposcopy.

-Cryotherapy can have remedial effects on aging.

-Eliminates inflammation curing swelling joints and ankle injury.

What to expect from whole the body cryotherapy and how does it work?

blood flow

This is a wonderful way of keeping yourself at the peak of your health. This extreme cold therapy rejuvenates your body and lifts your mood.  The direct contact of your body with the liquid nitrogen vapor enhances the blood circulation and feeds your vital organs and cells with sufficient oxygen and nutrients.

Now how does the system work?

Woman's legs with goosebumps

Even if you are immersed deep in ice, your core body temperature must be maintained at a constant 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, essential for survival. As the temperature inside the tank falls sharply, the brain sends the signal to our body to maintain the constant temperature. The blood vessels get constricted and the functional systems of our body get into quick action to protect the vital organs and restore the normal temperature. The person experiences a shiver. This quick restorative function enriches the blood with vital enzymes and nutrients which get more activated and regenerates the entire functioning of the body.

The blood pressure shoots slightly but is manageable. The freezing temperature puts the body on the survival mode that induces the blood rush to the vital organs. Once you come out of the super cold environment after 3 minutes, the nutrient rich and less toxic blood flushes back to the rest of the body shooting up your energy levels.

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