Healing through healing gardens

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We have often heard that it takes more than just medicines to get well. We all understand that good ambience and the wonders of Mother Nature can help us heal better and faster of course. Today increasing numbers of medical facilities realize the vital role of nature in healing the mind and the spirit in addition to the body. This the reason why the concept of healing gardens has become popular recently.

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Healing gardens are those serene sites, offering the prospects for relaxation and rejuvenation for the patients and their families. These gardens are environments that are created after much of thought. A variety of sensory experiences and natural elements are added to these gardens to initiate stress alleviation through developing a bond that helps connect with the embodiments of nature. This bond emulates the feelings of comfort and safety.

Healing gardens are designed in manner to evoke positive feelings and helps in reducing negativity from the inside of the patient. These gardens alleviates the stress syndrome from the minds of the patients by diverting their attention to pleasant situations around.

Research backup

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Nature plays a vital role in improving the health of the person is supported by a number researches conducted worldwide. Roger Ulrich, in his study conducted in A&M University of Texas, proved that surgical patients who stayed in the hospital setting for a shorter period recovered faster.

These patients took lesser pain medications and experienced few postoperative complications in comparison to those who stayed in the hospital longer. The positive results of the former were owing to the effective healing generated through healing gardens.

Effective healing

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Healing gardens have the ability to create a perfect combination of nature and serenity. The setting is highly comfortable and convenient in nature and enables effective healing in most efficient manners. This unbeatable combination reverberate positivity in the air making the conditions ideal for easy recovery of the patients. Such effects and benefits have encouraged medical centers are opting for creating healing gardens for their patients, inside the premises of the center.

Incorporating elements of nature like plants, water creates soothing aspects for the patients that help in uplifting their physical, emotional and spiritual health. The restorative powers of nature have been used for healing purposes for since time immemorial and the concept has gained an increased escalation in the recent times again. Today natures’ elements are being combined to modern technological aspects to increase the wellness measures in the patients.

The famous healing garden – Serenity

Matthew Placzek healing garden at Serenity

Matthew Placzek created this world famous healing garden “Serenity” for Immanuel medical Centre, in Omaha. This healing garden is a 15-foot tall structure made up of bronze. The highlighting feature of this structure is the placement of 11 white doves on the wing that is a masterpiece of Elysian setting. This is surely injects the feelings of hope and positivity in the patients.

The peaceful ambience is beautified with addition of the natures’ effects such as the cascading waters that signifies the fluidity in life. The calming and soothing effects of the Serenity’s setting produce the stream of joy and hope in the patients around.

Wellness has a very close link to nature and its embodiments. Beautiful natural settings are mood lifters that relieve people of their stressful life and let them develop a strong bond with serenity. This concept is being utilized in medical settings to help people recover faster.


Healing gardens is an increasingly popular concept these days. It helps people recover faster and establishes a close bond with the Mother Nature.

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