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How Too Much of Stress and Anxiety Causes Harm to the Joints


We attribute joint and other body aches to growing old when our bones weaken. Some of us go through pain because of our work while some unfortunately suffer accidents during working out or sports that cause pain in various parts of the body.

Most of us never think of any psychological reasons because, quite frankly, it makes no sense that feelings or emotions could lead to physical pain. However, it has been known that unmanaged stress and anxiety can lead to a lot of physical problem in addition to mental ones.


Stress is any pressure or demand one places on his mind or body. But it’s not always bad. In most cases, stress and anxiety can motivate a person to go the extra mile and work out solutions to one’s problems.

However, when stress and anxiety are allowed to fester unchecked, they can be a cause for a variety of physical and psychological problems.

Stress, anxiety and physical pain


Stress and anxiety causing physical pain is now a well-known fact. Yet sometimes people think that this pain is not similar to actual pain caused by injuries. Do not be fooled by this, stress and anxiety related pain is very real and not imaginary.

One such manifestation of stress is in the form of Joint pains. Joint pain is a complicated anxiety expression. Anxiety will express itself by a variety of symptoms. In some cases, anxiety will definitely cause joint pain. It is a complex relationship and sometimes joint pain may not really be the result of anxiety. To explain how anxiety relates to joint pain we have listed down a few possible ways it can happen.

Modified movements

jointsStress and anxiety changes our behavior. It makes us bite our nails, fidget around, shake our leg in a way we usually don’t. You may feel de-motivated in general and focus less on your well-being. Not exercising, crossing your legs more often and lying down more may cause joint pains as your body is not accustomed to this routine.

Stress soreness

stressInflammation is caused by Stress. It is a common issue caused by stress and continued stress increases the likelihood of inflammation. Inflammation is basically swelling and when your joints swell, it will lead to physical pain and limitations in your daily movements.

Muscle stiffness


Stiff muscles restricting movements may be attributed to stress and anxiety. Causing your joints to grind harder, it will augment discomfort and inflammation. This pressure on the joints leads to pain.

Perceived pain

stressA person’s joints may hurt from time to time. It is actually fairly common and depends on your sleeping position, your sitting position, and how often you work out. If you sleep while sitting on your bus seat, you may find your neck hurting. When you’re suffering from anxiety, this pain is magnified. Anxiety prevents people from focusing their attention on meaningful tasks. This is the reason why the same amount of pain feels more when suffering from anxiety.

Health system dysfunction

high fever

Stress and anxiety affect the efficiency of your immune system. Common ailments like cold or flu are harder to fight when anxiety interferes with the recovery process. Joint pains and backache may become worse as anxiety continues and this may well be another reason for stress. The cycle will continue and needs to be addressed.

Other health problems

stressHigh blood pressure, headaches and back and neck pain may be the result of anxiety and stress. High blood pressure may lead to worse problems such as light headedness, serious heart related issues and frequent headaches. The pain starts out of nowhere and may hang around for a while.

Stress causes tension to be held in spine which causes a variety of pains in the body. This pain may last long and it’s hard to release the tension once it’s set.

You may choose to treat your joints. You may be forced to take over the counter pills for a semblance of relief. However, this will only address the symptom and not the cause. Treating stress and working to control your anxiety should be your goal. Look on the internet for ways to manage anxiety. There are various methods available that you can start with right now such as meditation. It is crucial that you visit a doctor to rule out other possible reasons for your constant joint troubles.

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