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The New Prescription for Good Health: Laughter Yoga

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‘Laughter is the best medicine’. The creator of this famous line couldn’t have been more apt. The world today frowns more and laughs less and maybe that’s one of the reasons why people find it so easy to break into a brawl with each other in a fraction of a second.

Today, the cause of various ailments from which people suffer is rooted to increased stress, which has found its way into our lifestyle. Worry and hurry are the two powerful forces and forms of stress that exert themselves in each individual’s life and affect our well-being. So how can one free himself from the shackles of this enemy called stress? Laugh your way to good health. Yes, you have read it correctly laughter indeed is the solution. It is simple and will cost nothing if you care to try.

About 12 years ago, Madan Kataria, a physician in Mumbai used laughter to come up with one of the best ways to battle stress. Laughter yoga, the brainchild of Kataria today has many followers and is one of the best ways to combat stress. It involves yoga combined with laughing in a particular way to relieve stress. The laughter though initially forced and accompanied by stretching of hands and body, slowly grows into a genuine laughter. The laughter yoga involves different kinds of laughter- namaste laughter, lion laughter and lassi laughter to name a few. The purpose of all forms of laughter being- to relieve stress and make an enjoyable and relaxing experience for the person performing it.

From its birthplace in Mumbai, laughter yoga has now spread to different nations of the world and is gaining popularity with each passing day. About 5000 clubs of laughter yoga have come into existence in the continents of Asia, Europe and America. Not only the old pensioners, who were originally the group of people thought to be associated with the laughter yoga movement enjoy it but also children, professionals and other young individuals have found a way to ‘feel good’ with laughter yoga. This enthusiasm in laughter yoga has prompted Madan Kataria to undertake a global tour for further spreading the concept of laughter yoga. The countries that are being toured are Switzerland, Japan and Hong Kong.

The key to good health is just a laugh away. So what are you waiting for? Get started, as laughter a day might just keep stress out of your way.

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Via: ABCNews

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