Amazing floating towns and cities around the world

Humans have inhabited this planet for millions of years and the mark of civilization can be found in the most unexpected places. While most would consider living in a regular metropolis, town or village natural, many settle on land masses that may not even be fixed entities.


When we speak of floating cities, Venice will probably stand out with its exquisite architecture, Floating gondolas and channels running through the city. However, there are many other floating cities worldwide, some are natural some manmade.

Santa Cruz del Islote, Colombia

This 0.46 sq. miles island is located on the Columbian coast and has a population of 1200 inhabitants. It is the most densely populated island on earth.

Ganvié Ganvie Benin West Africa 1

Ganvie, Republic of Benin

It is the largest lake village in Africa and is situated in Lake Nokoue. It was established in 16th or 17th century and has 3000 buildings on stilts with around 30,000 inhabitants. The villagers subsist on fishing and tourism and use pirogues (canoes) to commute.


Naarden, Netherlands

The view from top of this island on Google Earth or while flying atop will show the viewer a distinct geometric design and a perimeter with pointers for all sides. The city is a star fort fortified by moats and walls and built in 17th century.


Flores, Guatemala

This small island town has colonial red-roofing and is the home base for tourists who are out to explore the Mayan ruins.


Halong Bay Floating Village, Vietnam

This village is built on water and floats. Its approximately 1000 inhabitants catch fish and other seafood and the water is landlocked by mountains on all sides.


Zhouzhang, China

This is a water township surrounded and divided by lakes and rivers and inter-connected by 14 stone bridges, one of which was built in the Ming Dynasty.


Lindau, Germany

This is a Bavarian town on an island in Lake Constance. There are remains of early Roman settlement from 1st century are to be found here and became home to a famous Monaestry in 13th century.


Uros Floating Village, Peru

The Uros people themselves craft the island they inhabit from dried totora reeds that grow within the Lake Titicaca. It was originally built for defence purposes, until a colony sprang and became a settlement. The reed in water rots and has to be replaced by new layers on top. Each island has life span of about 30 years.

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