Christmas 2013 celebrations around the world


Christmas is a cultural holiday that celebrates the birth of the Jesus Christ and heralds the message of love and brotherhood. It is generally celebrated on 25th December by many people across the world and it marks the celebration of humanity and mankind. Christmas is a universal festival and is the first festival in the Christian calender. December 25th is mentioned as the birth of the Jesus Christ in 336 AD in an early Roman calendar. It is a civil holiday in many parts of the world and is also celebrated by many non-Christians, it marks the season of Christmas and holiday.

In the Christmas season shopping, there are always big discounts and sales. Shopping malls and markets are packed with the huge crowd. Many Christians visit the special church service and they tend to spend quality time with their family members and friends, wearing new clothes and indulging in to a festive meal is very common. Most of the people clean their homes and decorate with mango leaves, electric or clay oil burning lamps, and especially with Christmas tree. People love to decorate their Christmas tree use various colorful stuff, they usually add bells, various colored balls, identities of santa and many more. Most of the people who celebrates Christmas hang a star-shaped paper lamps of variety of colors and sizes outside their homes. Some of the families exchange gifts, presents and sweets to children.

Some of the malls and stores put up Christmas tree and the other decorations to celebrate the festival and to captivate the attention of the people. Some malls also marks with actors playing the role of Santa. Christmas celebrations in tourist areas and hotels takes place to mirror how Christmas Day is celebrated in the countries where tourists are from.

National, state government offices and local government offices, post offices and banks are closed on Christmas Day. Christian stores, businesses are mostly in the closed state or reduce their working hours. People have to check the public transport facilities time table.

Nearly a week before the Christmas festival, the church, school choir are greeted by people with various eatables and cakes. Christmas carols sung in the praise of the lord Jesus Christ.

Churches arrange a special midnight mass, which is attended many people to participate in the special mass prayer. Men and women dress up in the new clothes or in the best outfits to attend the mass prayer session. Mass goes on for few hours and people express their gratitude towards the lord Jesus Christ who gave them the life.

After the mass people went back to their homes, where as children like to spend their hours in burning sparklers and bursting the crackers. Everyone sleep happily by waiting to the next day Christmas. On the Christmas day, people get ready for the big feast. They visit their friends and families, followed with wishing ‘Happy Christmas’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ and start eating the special foods prepared in the special day, especially people like to have the Christmas cake which is loaded with dry fruits,nuts and cherries. Celebrations continue for a fortnight and prolongs up to first week of January.

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