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Six effective tricks to fight depression and feel better


With increasing work load and rat-race to achieve work targets, people are becoming so stressed that every five-out-of-ten individuals are dealing with depression. It is a gloomy feeling that makes you feel extremely sad that nothing seems to work out and make you feel better. There are various anti-depressants available in drug stores to make you forget about stress for a while.

However, you need to make certain behavioral changes as well to live a stress-free life. Here are some amazing ways that can help you fight depression with ease.

  1. Take time out

Mother laughing with son and pet dog in snow

Well, it’s not easy to come of out of depression when you’re flooded with feeling of anxiety, extreme fear and a racing heart. At this time adrenaline level in very high in the body. You need to calm down before taking any action. You can relax yourself by taking a hot shower, drinking a cup of coffee or going out for a walk with your pet or alone, and feel the beauty of nature around you. This will calm your nerves. After that try to figure out what could be the best way to deal with the situation.

  1. Don’t think about negative things

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In depression most people start thinking about all the worst things that could happen to them, and this makes them sadder and lifeless. One must take a realistic approach and try to look at positive side of every situation. After all, nothing is going to stop your life no matter what happens. Try to attain all your strength and courage to fight every situation that life throws at you.

  1. Stop over thinking

Deep thinking

Over thinking about ‘whys,’ ‘whats,’ and ‘hows’ of the situation will never lead you to a solution. It will only form a loop in your head that revolves around the same incidence that’s constantly making you feel bad. You should try to find possible solutions rather than running away from the situation or over-analyzing everything happening around you.

  1. Try to be active


Your energy levels can drop drastically when you’re in depression. This will make you lose interest in everything. For instance, you won’t feel like working, going out or even talk to people who are actually concerned about you. But it’s not going to help in any way. Instead, follow an active routine such as start daily exercising or involve yourself in some sort of sports. This will elevate your mood instantly. It is a scientifically proven way to fight depression. Many psychiatrists and counselors suggest people to start living active lifestyle to keep stress away.

  1. Don’t isolate yourself

alone tendency

Although isolation seems to be an effective way to get away from people. But you’re only pushing those people away who are actually concerned about you. Rather than going away or living an isolated life, try to express your thoughts and emotions to your loved ones. They will try to help you accomplish your realistic goals. So, never stop the necessary communication. Although some alone time is needed by every individual, but that doesn’t mean you start escaping the world for no reason.

  1. Don’t hesitate to see a therapist

happy friends

If nothing seems to work out don’t hesitate to see a therapist. A therapist knows the best way to help you overcome depression. It’s good to know about your problems and share them with the right person who could help you.

To live a complete stress-free life, you must have a positive approach in life. These few tricks will certainly help you look at the brighter aspects of life and better deal with depression.

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