Learn how to eat healthy from the Cretans

Cretans are well-knownfor their traditional and diverse cuisine in Greece, and all over the world. The ingredients and flavorsused in their dishes are unique and comefrom a variety of local products like mountain herbs, Cretan oil, bulbs, fresh fish, cheese and grape brandy. Some healthy diet tips were introduced by this tribe and we can all take a lesson from its dietary habits.

Use seafood and goat meat

grilled barramundi steak with sweet sauce

Since, a large number of Cretans were angler; they ate fish instead of meat.Seafood is packed with nutrition and isthe healthiest source of essential proteins. Cretans had huge herds of goatsandoccasionally consumed goat meat rather than pork or any other kind of red meat.Low consumption of red meat was a secret of theCretan diet.

Consume goat milk and sheep milk cheeses

drinking milk after practicing sport

Cretans are the largest consumers of cheese in the world. Cretan cheese is poles apart from the ones available in the market. The goats and sheep are left to graze in the open and their nutritious milk is used to make the Cretan cheese.

Using honey as a sweetener

Using honey

Cretans have an abundance of honey which they include as a sweetener instead of sugar, thereby maintaining a good health. Pure honey is extracted fresh from the beehives and has medicinal and nutritional qualities far superior when compared withthe honey available in markets.

Try Cretan rusks

wholegrain bread

The Cretan rusks are a centuries old preparation, made by double baking barley or wholegrain bread in the traditional oven. Cretan shepherds had to preserve bread for a long time, and used the technique initially but due to the nutritional value these breads soon became part of their diet.

Use olive oil

An image of a bottle of olive oil and lemon

Cretans extracted oil from olives which is one of the healthiest oil for cooking and garnishing for salads etc.Virgin olive oil is rich in fats and nutrients and is not only healthy but tasty too.

Look for green leaves and herbs

young woman eating healthy salad

Wild greens and herbs are a rich source of nutrients and have a unique flavor as compared to the commercially or garden grown greens. Adding olive oil to these leaves and herbs enhances their nutritive value thereby giving you a healthy diet.

Prefer making yogurt at home

cheerful 20s girl happy to taste genuine yoghurt

The yogurt made from goat/sheep milk has stomach-friendly bacteria which help you in maintaining a healthy digestion. It is easy to prepare at home and for better results full fat organic milk is beneficial. Doing so will give you a creamy, thick and delicious yogurt.

Cretans have introduced, in their own traditional and simple ways, some of the most high-quality food items that can work wonders for your health by maintaining a nutritive, fit and healthy lifestyle.

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