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11 Essentials to make your bedroom mindful


It is very easy to forget that the majority of our life time we spend in our bedrooms. Depending on sleeping pattern of each, nearly 6 to 10 hours every day is spent at bed in sleeping. So it is safer to have a right environment and Zen living space around where one can sleep and feel better in day to day life. A good deal of science reveals that the place where we sleep affects our rest quality. So, here are a few essential things which one should look to make your bedroom mindful.

11 essentials to make your bedroom mindful:


  1. Light: A varied number of sleep forms and studies of published researches have examined the impact of colour and light on our psychology. Our brains are quite wired to respond to the natural light and its absence may cause us to act in a different way. Hanging thick curtains could get you a deep sleep during summer months when the sun rises early. Also if winter wake up is a struggle for you, blue lights could activate your brain when you wake up.
  2. Space: There are a lot of factors coming into play while you look at the bedroom and the way in which it is laid out. To have a Zen living space in the bedroom to move around during night as well as in morning helps to make the sleep cycle well- embedded. The floor plans of a well settled bedroom will help you in getting ideas to arrange the furniture so as to ensure maximum space into it.
  3. Comfort: Getting a good sleep at night hinges your comfort level. It is the most active part of the puzzle as if don’t fall into a deep sleep, it means you are not comfortable in bed. Many of the double beds sag from the middle and the springiness in the mattresses is lost. Make your bedroom mindful by investing in a new and quality bed and mattresses so that you may get a good sleep at night for a couple of years.
  4. Heat: The parameters of heat change depend on the climate in which you are living. If you are residing in the equatorial belt, the temperature is constant throughout the year. And if you are somewhere near to North or South, you may experience extreme temperatures. Having some thick tog will let you have a comfortable sleep at night when the winters are on. Creating the air flow during summer months is important for night sleep. A few extractor fans could also help.make-your-bedroom-mindful
  5. Technology: With the rise in Smartphone technology, most of us go to bed much later than what we actually should. If your find tucked yourself in the bed and gazing at the screen of your phone, you are probably inviting sub- conscious problems to your brain. You are such a place where your brain needs to switch off, but a continuous concentration at the bright screen of the phone may cause sleep problems. Try to put down your phone in time and enjoy a well- earned sleep.
  6. Night stand: Focus on the night stand as it is an important piece for your real estate. It must lie next to you silently while you are sleeping. And depending on the type of sleep posture that rocks you, it should be the first eye focussing thing when you wake up. But essentially, it is furniture piece having the potential to give you a peaceful ritual just before you fall asleep. So keep the clutter and dust off it. Just know what you need on it and most importantly, consider what you need just before hitting the bed. Make is real estate piece work to make your life easy and make your bedroom mindful.
  7. Wall behind the bed: Fill the wall lying behind your bed with whatever brings peace to you as you walk into the room. It could be a lovely landscape of a place where you have grown up, or some memorable travel photos. It could be of your kiddos showing how they have grown up or as soft heirloom of the family. Whatever it is, it should give a feeling of peace as you walk in and make it a relaxing room.
  8. Light colours: It is not necessary to have white colour all around to get a peaceful bedroom. Light and neutral colours do help. These light colours are associated with freshness and cleanliness which give a feeling of mindfulness in home decor. The motivating and vibrating colours can also pump your blood a little.make-your-bedroom-mindful
  9. Natural textures: Nature can provide a relaxing room as none other could provide. And bringing the elements and textures close to the earthy vibes may contribute for a peaceful feeling. Where do you find maximum peace in the lap of nature? At beach? Looking down from a mountain? Hiking the forest trail? Brushing the unicorns in the dewy meadows? Think of such peace giving natural settings and bring them out in your wall textures to get mindfulness in home decor.
  10. Cozy bed: Bed is the focal point of a bedroom, and if you want to make your bedroom mindful, makes your bed a peaceful and cozy looking place to make it happen.
  11. Meditating spot: This is something worth trying. Make a small space for meditating quietly or a journal intentionally or anything else which could bring pleasantness and peace to your life and doing all this in the bedroom will associate a feeling of peace in your bedroom.
  12. Adding in a moment: Considering the nature, we all know how peaceful it seems to watch or listen babbling brook. Or watching the branches and leaves of the trees to way away in breeze! Such kind of moment and gentleness is getting reminiscent and ironically slowing down.

So focus on how you want to feel in the bedroom and incorporate these ideas and designs in your sleeping space.

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