Maintaining parent-child long distance relationship made easy

parent-child long distance relationship

Many a times, out-of-the-town work schedules keep parents away from their kids for a reasonably long time. Moreover, during divorce cases, one of the parents has to stay away from the child before getting his/her custody. It becomes difficult maintaining a consistent and healthy communication during such times. Some steps taken regularly can help you to narrow down the distance between you and your child, thus maintaining the bond strong.

Following steps can be followed in such cases.

Mediums of communication

Understanding the best means of communication to stay in regular touch with each other is essential. This can be through email, phone, messages or letters. Whichever mode you and your child are comfortable can be chosen. Always remember, the motto is to stay in touch with each other consistently without any barrier of technology or other things.

How many times you would like to communicate

It is important to understand and have a discussion with the child about how often you will be available for communication either every week or every two weeks or so. Making the child understand that you will be available again after a certain period of time is essential. This strengthens the bond and helps in keeping the relation strong.

Do not miss the time of communication

Remember, once you have set the time of communication, try not missing it. This is because your kid is longing for this and is looking forward to meet you. Prepare yourself before meeting or calling your kid. You can always gift them something or surprise them with things of their interest. Buying a greeting card with a message written on it can be an option.

Be creative

It is important to be creative while communicating with your child. Bringing an innovative way to communicate with them can always surprise them and make them understand how much you love them. If you are writing a letter to them, you can paste your recent photographs or photographs of you and your kids. Such things can make the kids understand your efforts.

Make them understand you miss them

It is important to make the child understand that you miss them when you are away. This will develop a sense of respect and responsibility among the kids of how much you love them.


Long distance parent-child relation can flourish if the communication is frequent and consistent. Hence, communicating your love to them through various means is essential.

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