How Food Items Containing Probiotics Will Make You Healthy

You might have heard about probiotics and their myriad health benefits on more than one occasion. Probiotics are live organisms. They can be found in fermented foods and other supplements. These organisms have proved beneficial to human health in both short and long run. Accordingly, here are some health benefits of Probiotics that you must know.

They restore the balance of the gut bacteria in your digestive system

 digestive system

An imbalance of the gut bacteria in your digestive system means that the bad bacteria in present there have outnumbered the good bacteria. When this happens, your body in general and digestive system in particular suffer from several ailments like cramps, gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea, etc.

Probiotics work in helping to replenish the good bacteria in the gut. This, in turn, will help in re-establishing the natural balance of the gut and in keeping you healthy and safe from these ailments in the long run.

They insure weight loss

Studies have revealed that certain (not all) strains of Probiotics might prove useful in reducing weight. In addition to helping you in feeling full, these Probiotics will also help prevent dietary fat from being absorbed into the intestines. This fat is not stored in the body and is excreted with the waste, thus reducing belly fat significantly. This is why probiotics are often considered as very effective cures for conditions like obesity.

They help in promoting a healthy heart

healthy heart

Probiotics are known to promote a healthy heart. They do this by reducing the bad cholesterol aka LDL cholesterol levels in the body. Probiotics help in breaking down of bile and prevent the gut from reabsorbing it. This considerably reduces the total cholesterol levels in the body; a factor which can keep your heart healthy for a long time.

They prevent diabetes

Researches have revealed that eating probiotics on a daily basis can prove helpful in increasing the glucose tolerance of the body. They might also help in delaying the onset of glucose intolerance. Probiotics play a vital role in decreasing the fatty tissue and in increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Thus they help in preventing diabetes.

They are helpful in treating mental conditions


It has been found that some strains of Probiotics have a positive impact on mental health. Studies have in fact revealed that in addition to improving one’s mood in general, Probiotics also help in curing number of mental disorders like stress, anxiety, autism, depression, memory loss, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), etc.

They help in treating in a number of allergies

Certain strains of Probiotics are found to be beneficial in treating allergies such as eczema. They help in reducing their severity. When it comes to allergies, it has been revealed that these Probiotic strains help in reducing the inflammatory responses of the body when it comes in contact with allergens.

They’ll improve the health of your teeth

health of your teeth

The good bacteria present in the Probiotics can do wonders in fighting off tooth decay as well.  If that is not enough, they can also reduce the severity of the symptoms of gingivitis to an extent. Including foods that contain probiotics can therefore, be considered very beneficial for the teeth.

Food items that are rich sources of probiotics

There are a number of foods that contain Probiotics in sufficient amount. Some of these foods include yogurt, pickles, fermented milk, tempeh, miso, kombucha and kefir, etc.

They help strengthening the immune system

urinary tract infections

In addition to inhibiting the growth of bad gut bacteria, Probiotics also help in boosting the body’s overall immune system. Certain strains of Probiotics can be helpful in stimulating the production of natural antibodies and immune system cells. This, in turn, will help the body in tackling respiratory as well as urinary tract infections.


Probiotics are known to have numerous benefits for the body. In addition to restoring the gut’s natural balance of good and bad bacteria, Probiotics also help in promoting healthy teeth and a healthy heart while also treating allergies and strengthening the immune system.

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