Home remedies for constipation

Constipation can be very annoying and especially if you have been suffering from a long period. Generally it is believed that passing stools at least thrice a week is essential. If a person passes stools less than three times a week and particularly hard and dry stools that are difficult to evacuate, there are chances that there is constipation.

If you believe in natural medicine, you can try some home remedies to relive constipation. These are some general recommendations; if you feel the problem persists for too long or causes great difficulty for you, it is advisable to seek medical opinion.

Home remedies for you

Some of the remedies are a part of your daily diet and hence making sure you take a well planned diet is essential in terms of maintaining your digestive health.


  • Water – Water intake of around 8 liters is essential and you need to increase your water intake. Include lots of fluids in form of juices, coconut water and other drinks.
  • Fiber – Fiber is an essential part of your diet. Insoluble and soluble fiber helps in proper digestion. It helps to give bulk and help to form stools thus relieving the complaint of hard and dry stools. Fiber can be obtained from whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables, flaxseeds and nuts. Fiber supplements like psyllium husk, ground flaxseeds can also be taken.
  • Probiotic – These are essential for proper digestion and absorption. They help to maintain the natural flora and good bacteria present in the digestive tract. An important natural probiotic is curd or yoghurt. Hence it is advisable to introduce yoghurt or buttermilk in your daily diet and improve your complaints of constipation.

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  • Magnesium – Constipation could be due to a lack of magnesium in your body. It is wise to add magnesium rich foods like whole grains, green leafy vegetables and nuts to increase the intake of magnesium. Supplementations can help too.

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