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Consume right foods for having good oral health

consume right foods for your good oral health

Good oral health is very important for human beings because it is concerned with your appearance and necessary for your overall health. By maintaining good oral health you keep your teeth away from cavities and prevent them from the gum disease.

For strong gums and teeth — a healthy diet is needed

Try to consume balanced diet for healthy gums and teeth because it provides them the adequate amount of nutrients & minerals they require to remain firm and strengthen them to fight with any infection. The main oral problems that use to occur in peoples are — cavities & tooth decay. Overeating of sweets and starchy foods drain away the enamel covering of teeth and than it lead in creating cavities.

It is suggested that one should try to avoid sweets and carbohydrate-rich diets. One should eat cheese, curds which have low fat. Few dairy products contain Ca (calcium) & P (phosphorus) which are very essential for the well ness of your oral system. Avoid eating snacks but if you want to eat them, try not having it in between your meals. Eatables such as raw vegetables & fruits have anti-caries qualities so you should eat it. Don’t drink sugary juices as it could cause caries so it you should avoid it.

Smoking & drinking of tea or coffee may turn your teeth’s brown

When your teeth turns brown than it may be due to the collection of dental plaque, stains of foods & may also be because of poor dental care. Excess consumption of tea, coffee & also sometimes by smoking cigarette teeth’s get stained. Proper clean up by a dentist will clear all the stains of your teeth’s that are caused due to certain eatables & chewing tobacco. You can also use some good toothpaste for removing the stains of your teeth’s and that may also whiten them.

If you have the problem of bad breathing

In spite of good care of oral health – many people have the problem of bad breath and this problem arises due to improper digestion, constipation, too much eating of sugary & starchy foods, stagnation of food in between the teeth’s, cigarette smoking, certain medical problems like — diabetes & digestive problems such as gastric & acidity. Problem of bad breath may also occur if anyone has gum disease.

Drink plenty of water because it is good for your oral health, chew sugar free mint gum, try to include fibrous foods in your meals and also try to take vitamin B components along with Zn (zinc) and Mg (magnesium). Try not to eat those foods which are fatty and sugary. Drink juices of mint and coriander everyday for having temporary relief from bad breadth. It also helps in having proper digestion & the chlorophyll lowers the problem of bad breath. Clean your mouth after consuming milk products, fish & meat. Use a mouthwash suggested by your dentist.

Reasons for the problem of bleeding gums

If anyone has the problem of bleeding gums than there is inflammation & also swelling in their oral cavity. These problems occur due to the shortage of vitamins & nutrition. Lack of vitamin C results in the bleeding of teeth’s, it become loose and can finally break. Sometimes shortage of vitamin K, vitamin A, Ca (calcium), folic acid & niacin can also lead to the bleeding of gums.

Some hormonal changes, smoking of cigarette, certain heart drugs, improper nutrition, any kind of stress and improper oral hygiene make this condition worse.

Clean your teeth regularly, try to avoid sugary food and visit your dentist regularly can definitely lower the risk of developing serious gum disease.

If there is continued existence of ulcers in mouth

There are number of ways that causes ulcer in the oral system. Things which seem to trigger mouth ulcers can be sometimes – certain stress, weakness, sickness and injury caused due to some accident, hormonal alternations, periods, at random weight loss, allergy from certain eatables & may be sometime due to the shortage of vitamin B12, Fe (iron) & folic acid.

Take good care of your teeth & gums. You also require a healthy balanced diet that strengthens your immunity system and help in preventing infections. Your diet should contain – fruits rich in vitamin C, vitamin B rich foods, Fe (iron) & Zn (zinc) rich foods & cereals. Don’t engulf hot food & drinks because it may put bad effect on your teeth. People should relax and lower their stress for healthy oral system.

Your teeth and gums are very sensitive and are always at risk of getting destroyed and damaged. It can be prevented by giving regular attention to your oral hygiene.

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