Brimming with wellness, Croatia is the next stop to wellness and health tourism

Croatia is the land where you live your fantasies amidst the sunny Mediterranean climate and sapphire waters of the Adriatic Ocean. The country has been the favorite pick of millions of international tourists since long mainly from the European countries with the year 2016 seeing more than 15 million visits.

Croatia – The jewel of Europe sparkling with all the goodness of health and wellness:

wellness centers in Croatia

Wellness seems to be brimming in this country dominated by pristine nature offering a perfect tranquil ambience for the tourists to relax and unwind.  Croatia enjoys great tourism benefits by virtue of its geographical proximity with many European countries enabling the tourists get an easy access to restorative vacations on this land.

With the booming of global health and wellness tourism, this land is also seeing more number of wellness seekers along with the regular leisure travelers. Currently, health tourism in Croatia in concentrated only in about 80 wellness centers, 15 specialized hospitals and countless private clinics spread all over the country but the density of these centers is higher in North Croatia, Zagreb, Istria and Kvarner.

Ministerial support in promoting medical tourism:

Investment plan

The ministry of Tourism and Health has initiated an all out effort to strengthen its medical and wellness tourism market to beat the next door competitors Slovenia and Hungary. The country is focusing on tapping the inherent resources and talent to position itself as a prime full-time destination in European Riviera.

The tourism minister has announced a huge investment plan of 400 million Euros for the health tourism allocating 270,000 Euros exclusively for marketing purpose.

The National Tourism Board has dedicated a special page on Health and Wellness showcasing the various products and services on its official website Ten prominent destinations providing varied wellness and health programs are detailed on the page, which is a clear indicator of immense wellness opportunities the land has on offer.

The country is eyeing substantial investments in the upcoming Adriatic Health and Tourism Investment Forum to be conducted on 12th-13th October in Zagreb. This dedicated investment forum is the first of its kind in medical tourism that would provide the required financial boost for Croatian health tourism, which is still at the nascent stage.

Croatia – Once the pioneer in organized health tourism in the quest of regaining its position:

hvarOrganized tourism in Europe initiated 150 years back on the Island of Hvar in Croatia, named as the best hidden gem of Europe. With the establishment of Hvar Health Society, organized health tourism initiated. The elite class of Vienna and Budapest loved this island mainly due to its splendid soothing temperate climate. They enjoyed the balmy sunrays of the island escaping the chilly winter of their own countries which helped in recuperation from various chest ailments.

Climatic spas:


The natural bounty and unspoiled air have helped the country to build a unique healing culture that stood the test of time. Climatic spas grew up offering inhalation therapies and anti-stress programs amidst the pristine environment that reinvigorate the stressed body and mind.

Mild winters and moderate summers foster the growth of exotic Mediterranean vegetation, which promotes the body’s self regulatory system freeing it from chronic allergies and respiratory problems.

Thermal Springs in Central Croatia- Placed among the top ten in Europe:


The varying water temperatures of these thermal springs with proven medical efficacy and a huge abundance of therapeutic mud led to the mushrooming of local spa institutions. These spas with decades of experience are providing a range of treatments that help in faster rehabilitation of patients.

Healing sunlight:

Mediterranean diet

Sun in Croatia not only intoxicates but heals as well. There is a significant relation between health and light where exposure to an optimal sunlight is considered essential for humans. This coupled with the healthy Mediterranean diet, recognized by UNESCO as one of the intangible cultural heritages, offers a unique wellness package that reinvigorates mind and health.

Other exciting wellness activities:

kayakingThe sun drenched islands do not lag in offering other exciting activities to restore your health and wellness like nature walks, running, cycling, forest trails, rafting, sea kayaking, diving and sailing. Aromatherapy is in the air as you walk along the trails crowded with medicinal plants. The soothing fragrance of lavender and rosemary dominates infusing a fresh dose of life energy.

Exploring the untouched soil of the Adriatic coast dotted with sandy beaches and the interiors covered with mystic forests takes you to a different realm of wellness restoring the natural harmony of your body and mind.

Excellent medical talent – the driver of Croatian medical tourism:

aesthetic surgery

In the domain of conventional medicinal treatments, Croatia remains one of the pioneers with high international reputation. The century-old School of Medicine in Zagreb, one of the highly recognized medical institutions, is known for creating best global talents since generations.

Zagreb’s school of medicine facilitated the foundation of other medical institutions in Croatia and neighboring countries introducing state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities. Recognized medical institutions in and around Zagreb have huge talent pool with proven expertise in ophthalmology, orthopedics, aesthetic surgery, dermatology and cosmetology and also in painless treatments like hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Croatian doctors are acclaimed across the world and occupy respectable positions in globally recognized medical organizations, which speak volumes of the standard of the country’s medical science.

Dental tourism is very popular in Croatia mainly due to its well built expertise and low cost packages. The polyclinics spread all over the region are known for providing the most advanced orthodontics and dentures.

In organ transplantation, Croatia is the star. The country is the most successful member of the Eurotransplant organization, formed 50 years back with the objective of finding the matching donors from different European countries for patients requiring transplantation. Croatia successfully conducts 350-400 organ transplantations in a year, a performance much higher than the average.

Accessibility is the key:


Everything works fine if the dream paradise is within your reach or can be accessed easily. Here too Croatia enjoys an advantageous position so far its growth in health tourism is concerned. This is the prime reason that dental tourism is flourishing in Croatia. A short ferry ride easily transports Italians in numbers across the Adriatic Sea. Italians love the waters at this side of the Adriatic and also get some dental treatments done at an incredibly low price!

The airports of the Croatia’s Adriatic Coast is receiving record traffic but the new terminal worth 330 million Euro of the Zagreb airport is welcoming a different clientele creating an interesting scenario for the growing health tourism of this destination.

With Emirates and Qatar Airways increasing their flight frequencies, Zagreb has opened doors to the visitors from Middle-East and Asian countries. The scene from other European countries is also encouraging as Norwegian extends its flights till December end and Monarch carrying visitors from the UK throughout the year.

With all necessary conditions for health and wellness tourism going in favor of Croatia so far, it is only a matter of time for this country to become a star attraction in this niche tourism sector.

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