Summer holiday guide in Italy with beach resorts

Italy is another wonderful tourist destination which is enjoyed by thousands of people across the world. If you are looking for the beach holidays, Italy would be the wonderful place. You will get number of hotels and resorts in Italy which have wonderful view once you peep out from the window or balcony adjacent to your bedroom. There are also various sea side towns and villages which are really worth visiting. You can now get a guideline to visit Italy from the Telegraph’s travel Italy expert.  People residing in Italy have fascination about the sea sides. You can come back to the wonderful water bodies besides the beach resorts year after year in the view of washing away all your worries.

Book the tour

Italy is such a place where maximum tourists visits throughout the years. Thus, if you don’t contact your tour operator or the travel agent in an advance to get the booking of the particular hotels and resort, you may not get the rooms to stay. Thus, you need to hurry up and call up your travel agency to get the booking immediately. You can book the Sardinia beach holidays and get there by flights or ferries. You can also search over the internet in order to do some research on the destinations. If you have come with your family with many members in it, you can easily book a small boutique hotel or a luxury hotel on a tiny bay. You will be able to have a view of the sandy beaches and enjoy the view of the places. You can also pay a visit to the famous Romazzino, Forte Village, Le Dune and Chia laguna. Flamingo is also very famous in Italy.

Famous tourist destinations in Italy

1. Beaches near Gallipoli

Once you have visited Sardinia, many tourists would like to visit the Adriatic coast. This is stretched to the south of Ravenna where you can enjoy the visit to safe seas. The small town resorts are really wonderful for the family style seaside holidays. Some famous beaches are the ones that are located near the Monte Conero and Ancona. The rocky coastlines are enjoyed by many people around the nation as those are really descent in looks. Since the Gargano peninsula is busy, Salentino peninsula is quieter. Thus, people can easily enjoy the pleasure of good beaches at the south of Otranto.

2.The beach on Amalfi coast

During the month of August, most of the people wishes to avail the holiday in Italy. As during the summer months, the accommodations over here are cheaper. There are many famous hotels that provide attractive packages to the tourists. The hotels charges are available online in their respective websites. You can easily have a look at those and choose the best one for staying.

3. Silky west coast sands of Sardinia

The beaches in Sardinia do not get much as that of Costa Verda on the West Coast Island. You will be able to get the view of dazzling pristine sands which is associated with the mountains and dunes. Once these sites were owned by the mining communities, you can still get few traces of workers working in mine areas. You can get comfort of staying there and enjoying the sport by residing at stylish Le Dune hotel. You will be getting the classy décor for dining in this hotel.

4.Volcanic coastline

This is one of the important destinations in Italy. You will be able to have a look at the clear blue sky above your head and very clean blue sea below. In between, the view of green vineyards is really awesome. The cone form in between will always reminds the tourists about the volcanic activity. Salina is one of the sites among the seven volcanos that create the balance between authentic island life and dolce vita style. The 18 suites at Capo faro partakes provide luxury vibe. You will be able to get delicious food over here with all meals as well as desserts. You can also choose the boutique hotels if you want sophistication in low rate.

5. Rural Adriatic coast

If you have visited Rimini and are convinced about the fact that, Italy’s Adriatic coast is a lengthy stretch of beach umbrella long with the discotheque, you must come back over here once again. You can also have a look at the secret coves as well as the well disciplined family resorts. You can easily hire a car of your own and explore various interesting places over there.

6. Family friendly sandy coves

You can now take an hour’s drive to Amalfi coast. You will be able see the huge pool which has a gentle shelving slope appropriate for attracting families with kids. With just 10 minutes walk, you will be able to look at the sandy beaches. You can also watch the impressive Greek temples over here.

7. Tuscany’s hidden beaches

This is a wonderful island with beautiful bays all around and even the thick greenery takes an important place. This is one of the beautiful spots in Turkey with natural view. The photographers also visit this place to get ideally good picture for his professional success.

8. Umbria

This is basically a hill-top town in Italy which is also known as one of the powerful cultural site in Italy. Your guide will show each and every detail of the town along with Royal Academy of Arts.

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