Summer holiday destinations in× Turkey for 2014

Turkey is one of the unusual places where people wish to visit during their summer holidays. But, before you plan for such holidays, you need to follow a guide. Companies dealing with travel arrangements can easily provide wonderful guides who can show you the places which you have never visited before. The telegraph travel Turkey expert, Terry Richardson has advised the tourists to visit the places like Cappadocia, Troy & Ephesus, Anatolia etc when they are in Turkey tour package.

List of summer holiday destination in Turkey

1.Kargicik Beach

This is located at the Bodrum peninsula with the largest tourist development in the particular place. Other places in Turkey are undercrowder. But, this place is flooded by many tourists.

2. Marmaris and Bodrum

You will be able to view the mountains in Aegean area that runs in right angles and touches the sea. This is responsible for presenting beautiful indented coastline of coves as well as bays. You will be able to visit the popular resort town such as Marmaris and Bodrum.

3. Byzantine Church

This is another popular tourist destination in Turkey. It includes three crosses which is equipped with spectacular painting and carvings.

4. The ancient city of Perge

People visiting Turkey must step in to this particular place to have a view at the spectacular city which was founded back in 1,000 BC. The ancient sites such as Graceo Roman ruins will be spectacular.

5. The eerie travertine basins and hot springs

Many people visits Turkey just in the view of getting the glimpse of the ancient sites which they have only read in books. The Graeco- Roman ruins are really wonderful to view and know about the history of Troy and Ephesus. Other little visited wonders of this place include Sagalassos and Arykanda.

 6. Uchisar fairy houses in Cappadocia

You will be able to get the fascinating stone formation in these wonderful tourist destinations. In this Turkish soil, you will be able to view number of civilizations such as Ottoman Turks, Romans, Hitteties, Byzantines, Trojans etc.

7. Temple of Appolan

This is another wonderful destination in Turkey especially for the cultural lovers. If you are willing to go for a short break during your holidays, this will be one of the wonderful destinations.

8. Troy

This is known as the splendid ruins of Turkey with the archeological remain. It is also been popular for being the comprehensive portfolio where people from various parts of the world have a spectacular eye.


Geography with religion

Turkey can be viewed in several perspectives by people with different mentality. Some people portrays this country to be a bridge between Europe and Asia where as other presents it as a barrier between Muslim religion in the east and Christian in the west. Turkey has a unique geographical location that provides an extra fission when Mediterranean destinations such as Greece and Italy are compared. At the dawn, the tourists will be welcomed with the sacred and pure prayer offered by people from Muslim religion. But, since it is one of the secular states, you will be able to enjoy the cold bear with white wine.

Islamic heritage

People visiting Turkey cannot complete his tour without viewing the Islamic heritage. Turkey is famous for the culture and heritage of Islam. Tourists can sit down in a restaurant or snacks shop for a glass of tea. They will be provided with the tea in a tulip shaped glass. You should not think this glass is provided for the publicity of the particular shop. Rather it is one of the cultures of Turkey.

After getting the glass of tea, you will feel refreshed from the long tour. Now, your next destination will be the villages where you can easily find some ancient ruins. The tourist guide will explain about the history behind each ancient ruin that you find out from the villages.

Beaches and Aegean

Turkey is also very famous for the beach based holidays. Every year, more than 35 million visitors visit Turkey to visit the Aegean and enjoy the activities in beaches. With the turns and angling of the mountains, an enchanting view of the tourist spot gets a merge towards the Mediterranean. You will be able to see the endless sandy beaches once you are within your tour package to Turkey.

Exploring Ancient sites

There are many sites which are really very easy to visit whether you are in a group or with friends in a car ride. The geographical wonders of Turkey can also include the coastal resort. You can stay here and explore very wonderful destinations. The hot springs at Pammukale is one of the destinations which you must never miss in your visit to Turkey. If you want to get some relaxation from the coastal summer heat, the beautiful Turkish Lakeland will be a wonderful place. The mountains have been opened up to the walkers through St Paul’s, Lycian and carian.

Turkey is a very big country. People visiting the destination once should take ample time as there are a lot to see and explored over here. If you want to experience the wildest scenery, you must have a look at the eastern portion of Ankara.  You will really like the “Cradle of Civilization” along with the Tigris basins of the south east portion.

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